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  1. I believe it was 6,650 according to Slabwatch.
  2. Okay I didn't know Starlin objected to any inclusion. They always divert from the source material anyway but yeah if someone like Starlin didn't like it that would be too much of a problem! It's the right call!
  3. If Disney really wanted the rights to FuMan couldn't they swing that?
  4. You think so? For blue labels though? I think there's some precedent here with Wein and Trimpe but did that extend to non yellow labels? Obviously there was Stan but he's a different case.
  5. I did not think there would be a 9.9 listed this year before a 9.8 newsie. Unless I missed one. I wonder if they're willing to break up the trio?
  6. This sold at 4800 on a best offer. It's a direct edition. This 133 sold at 1400 on best offer
  7. Yes I'll have to say I think astonishing tales 25 started 1st without movies, but all those typical bronze may spark just cause their same in type idk Astonishing Tales25 surpassed that 2k in 9.8 I think right? Well Deathlock is a cooler character anyway but damn....2k, 2.5k? Really ? Jeepers!
  8. Yeah ofcourse common sense tells you books sitting on spinner racks or whatever have a different experience but in the case of 252 they weren't there for long. From all accounts 252s were gobbled up instantly by everyone everywhere. I think UPCs were treated the same way as directs in the sense no one was in a hurry to beat up their copies. There was little difference in distribution numbers between the two in 1984. All you have to do is quickly glance at Ebay listings and see the anecdotal evidence. There's more UPC 9.8s than direct 252s. So while I think you're absolutely right about late 80
  9. Yes you are correct, special ops is the precise terminology for the Seals. I didn't think anyone would catch that . Most people know them as "forces". There are ODA teams in the Berets that would fall under that ops category and pretty much are indistinguishable from Seals. Whomever is on the receiving end of their "operations" however would probably think of it more as a force than an operation!
  10. Yeah really.... Active duty military do it all the time. Special forces units like the Seals need to perform acts of super heroism routinely. Except they can't tell anyone. Not even their own family.
  11. There was a full or half page ad promoting these cartoons in Marvels from that year. I know there's one in ASM54 and I'm sure the FFs have it. I wish I had some raws in hand to see it.
  12. That's wonderful professor! This was one of those transitional issues to the bronze age after the drug issues and 101. I mean all you have to do is look at the splash page with all those nudie mags being moved around by the newsstand guy. Pretty racy for a comic book even if the nudie artwork was sort of small discreet background stuff. What's up with that?...was porn coming of age in the early 70s ? I don't know I was born in 1980. I went for a 9.6 a few years ago on an impulse. I'm glad I did. I changed it to the new cgc holder and yeah it makes a significant difference in how the
  13. ...I don't think I've ever even tried a jigsaw puzzle Given my work schedule I'd have to spend my entire day off on it...then leave what's left for the next week. My glacial pace would hold up the entire thing and ruin it for everyone lol! Besides, I kind of liken the post office to a dentist appointment...going there is like pulling teeth for me even when I'm making money selling something. So I'll have to bow out. Although maybe if there was a moldy peanut butter jar up for grabs I might give it a go
  14. Yeah probably a combination of the squarebound and the collecting community not being so mindful of Werewolf by night 50 years ago. I don't know how many people were eager to preserve/speculate on that back in the day? Maybe the older guys can better speak on that. The seldomly submitted Avengers 93 with roughly half the total # has a couple of 9.8s. Marvel Feature #1 with kind of a darkish cover has high submissions but 13 9.8s. I'd put aside ASM102 maybe Giant marvel Superheroes 1 since it was always more collected.
  15. Well yeah that 88k was an ace that's for sure if that's what happened. I'm sure the consignor will gladly take the money from the GXM but at the same time I bet they were hoping for a little better than 60k. The same applies to the 45k IH181 9.8 recently.
  16. Comicconnect is hit 'n miss. That website is not the best and definitely not mobile friendly. The old one was better.
  17. Congratulations! That's really glorious 🤟 With the tight grading happening these days that's like a hole in one! Interestingly there's 6 Marvel spotlight 3s in 9.8 compared to no #2s until now. I suppose a few more people took care of their #3s because there's much less total submissions for 3 than ALOT less!
  18. Yeah looks like a granite cement stone look. I prefer an ivory porcelain stone myself for countertops. If only he can get those silly little comic books out of there .....what is that anyway? stuff?
  19. It turned out to be Marvel Mystery #71 and was eventually found
  20. Yeah that's one that was stolen in 2000. He got it back in 2011 but then auctioned it off. He had a TEC 27 that was stolen along with the Action but he never saw that one again.
  21. I wonder if the buyer was Nicolas Cage He sold off his collection years ago which included the cream 9.0 copy due to apparent financial problems. Maybe this was him?
  22. Funny story... I recently received on offer on a slab I had listed on 2018. I sold it on Ebay way back then and It didn't even last that long. I just forgot to delist it when it sold. So yeah...all it took was nearly 3 years on the exchange for that sucker to get action 🤟