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  1. 28 much like 14 39 and 40 have been strongly trending up in most grades for some time now regardless of what's happening. #39 in 9.0 has been above 1k recently a number of times. Maybe throw 50 in there too but I think it might be just higher grades?. So far as I can tell those are the strongest non single digit issues. This title is almost immune to COVID
  2. Sure there's plenty that would. No shortage of people that love Stan or Romita sigs. I'm one that loves sigs and willing to pay for them but picky about where they are. That one there is ok but would be more appealing if the Stan was where the Excelsior is. Here's an example of one where I liked everything about the sig enough to overcome the PQ. it's one of the few ASM truly black covers in silver and bronze. I think the value of 28 is safe
  3. The whole category of horror is crazy popular!!! I remember as a kid being fascinated by just a few cool Halloween masks my cousin had. If he was into horror related paraphernalia instead of comics I could easily have fallen straight into that collecting world! One of my earliest memories as a kid was watching the first Nightmare on Elm street on VHS in the 80's which did result in me having nightmares There was a Barbie episode and Winnie the those cases I agree with you
  4. All DDs except for 158 are under valued
  5. Okay looks like you're after more than keys if you have that many on your target list. Or are you looking at more than just Marvels? I was mainly referring to things like NM #86, 98 or Daredevil 277, Hulk 340 or maybe Alf #1??? Asm 252 is easy. Even just random Mcfarlane ASM 9.8 UPC other than his first three have super high asking prices. Forget about 298 299 300, you'll be fortunate to see a 9.8 upc without them asking the moon! Especially if this information from Valiantman gets out
  6. Unless you find one in an auction you'd be very fortunate to find a key copper 9.8 UPC for just a 50% markup. Maybe one from mid 80's yes but late 80's early 90's...good luck
  7. Yeah I would definitely have that screened for restoration before anything is done to it. You may want to contact CGC about that before if you plan on submitting.
  8. Yeah that cover is more appealing but they couldn't really have used that Harry image for 96. It was the next issue 97 where Harry OD's. 96 had the black kid jumping off the building on LSD. Maybe they could have replaced Harry with the 2 cops and the kid for the alternate cover?
  9. The picture on the right is more clear than the left. Looks like it's a Clink scan on the right. The same tiny little "defect" if you even wanna call it that could be present on the left but not clearly visible. It could of even happened during production. Production defects are not counted against the book. Remember a 9.9 is not a 10 so I wouldn't let that be deal breaker by any stretch. I've gotten plenty of high grade books where I spotted something in hand that didn't show in a high quality scan
  10. Kane/Romita is an unbeatable combination
  11. Byrne did just one official signing at a convention in 2004. If I'm not mistaken that may have been his only one ever? I think I remember reading about some interesting things he had to say. Maybe I saw it on these boards, anyway It was something regarding the personal hygiene of either collectors in general or just the people in his line. Something about deodorant? Not a temper tantrum but an interesting tidbit. Hopefully someone can add some details.
  12. I'm wondering if Michelinie even had input with the inking? If not then i don't know if the color of the sleeve or the suit would be relevant? Who the heck would have drawn a guy wearing a pink suit anyway
  13. That's great! A friend of mine that's a dealer once asked him at a con if he could sign his full name with the "Jim" included. He got a death stare in return with a regular "Shooter" sig. He also knows of customers who asked the same, they got just plain NOs. Of course that doesn't make him evil or anything but just something to keep in mind. His wife on the other hand got lucky and received the full sig on an SW8 recently which I bought
  14. Yes the female thing was kind of indicated in #18 with the hand coming from someone wearing a pinkish long sleeved shirt. This is why I suspect he was still trying to devise something and was just flirting around tossing ideas back then. I don't believe the name Venom was in place in '86.
  15. Yup that's how it goes. Only thing is in Web of #24 its not clear that it's a "costumed" arm just an arm that appears black reaching out from a window because it may or may not be in a shadow. There's definitely no white patch on the hand! I'm pretty sure you're well aware there's no clear indication at all in either of the WOS issues of anything related to Venom.... And the revelation in the 90's from marvel that those issues reflected a "behind the scenes" Eddie Brock. My view is that Michelinie wanted to do something with the symbiote but hadn't yet decided on anything concrete so he flirted around with a character who hated Peter and could bypass the spidey sense. Marvel decided to retcon #18 years later as an offical appearance. Pretty sure you also knew that Btw there was an effort by Mcfarlane back then to hog up undue credit for Venom but I don't wanna digress...
  16. Sounds familiar, I recall reading once about a dispute they had along those lines. Another frustration Kane had was feeling like he was handcuffed when working on GL. He talked about everything having to revolve around "that damn ring" referring to the GL ring in an interview. I guess his grievances boiled over. Jim Shooter probably yelled at someone once or twice. Not the most charming guy on earth
  17. Hey guys, thought I'd change it up here a bit and put at least half a face to the ID. Be well and stay safe y'all! 😷🤘 By the way I'm not holding it hostage incase you're wondering
  18. I gotta give this DD thread some love too 🤘
  19. A wanna thank board member "Vintage comics" for this. Great seller to work with !
  20. Using whatever in house style there was back then probably would have killed his chances at the title. The covers were good but not so much the art. Thats Interesting... you sure about that? I never opened the platinum edition but don't remember it being in the silver. That was a lifetime ago however
  21. Web of annual #4 was released around late 88 about a year after 298. Ofcourse Mcfarlane had nothing to do with annual 4. I suspect maybe since the pinup is from 87 that Mcfarlane hadn't developed his definitive spidey style when he drew it then later altered the eyes for the poster I don't see the '87 in the poster
  22. well some believe in the divine "first chicken" theory. Personal view?...some prehistoric bird laid the egg. You and your damn derailments
  23. Symbiote spider-man #1 Mcfarlane variant cover from last year. I think it's one of those lower print incentive editions I believe the art is from 1988 originally. It was both a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle and a promotional poster. Don't know which came first?
  24. Funny to hear that pronunciation of "Wein". I always thought Wein was pronounced as "Wayne" with less emphasis on the E Thanks for the video!