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  1. I'm going to crossover this. As usual I'll park it here in the meantime
  2. I wasn't old enough at the time but from everything I've read and people I've talked to when I started buying comics at the LCS the breakout was Frank Miller/Claremont Wolverine run in '82 as mentioned a couple of posts up.
  3. Missing page or cutouts would make it incomplete so no blue label. Those would be noted on whatever color label it gets. I think green label. What I don't know is what kind of grading hit major rust would cause like the other thread was focused on? Maybe it would be an 8.5 instead of a 4.5 without the rust? If the submitter doesn't know about it and looks at the book in a 4.5 slab while it looks like an 8.5 they may be compelled to resubmit without that knowledge. Otherwise if it's a beat up looking book in the first place I'd understand the graders omitting it. I think that unless it's a low grade book all around its important to always notate rust. The other thread had a valid point
  4. It was mentioned on my recent submission. Comic Description:Marvel Tales 50 4/74 Marvel ComicsGrader Notes:very light spine stress lines breaks color very light staple rusted top of spine I think yours would have been categorized as major rust or at least they they wouldn't use "light" to describe the rust. The frustrating thing is that just because they put out notes at all doesn't mean they're listing all the defects. I agree with you that the kind of rust you found in your book should never go unmentioned in the grader notes. They know very well it's a degenerative defect so it seems like negligence to me. I don't know how rust could happen just on the inside of one staple post encapsulation? If its due to poor storage then it would be on the outside of both staples.
  5. Ok there's s couple more frames I have left. One (the smaller frame) would go right above the venom frame the other where the secret wars poster is. I'll move the secret wars where asm 306 is then move the 306 somewhere? Maybe under the asm 1?... never enough room Unfortunately the positioning of the lamp messes with the lighting but it's the best I could do for time being
  6. Oh I didn't realize it was in the slab. I just noticed the inner well. I thought it was bad
  7. I only have a few of these PFs. I had posted this in 9.6 before selling a long while back. This is not new but for whatever reason never posted it here
  8. A tiny background body shot > half a leg
  9. How do you know its cream to ow pages? Was it graded that way? Even if it was I wouldn't be entirely sure it would be graded cream by cgc. I had 2 books graded by cgc one white pages other cream/ow and the actual difference in appearance of the pages was minimal at least to me when I checked them. You have a sharp looking copy with just a thin white border. I wouldn't sweat the page quality
  10. That's the only time they put Gwen's clone on the cover
  11. Great idea turning the filing cabinet for more room! What about adding a few in that space to the right of the cabinet? I guess maybe you wouldn't be able to open the drawer without impacting the books if they were there? Anyways I love the whole setup!
  12. Actually now that I think of it I'd probably come to my senses and go with the 9.8 due to sheer value but you get how it wouldn't be a slam dunk. Still a wacky hobby we got
  13. You know what the funny thing is about OCD...that marvel banner being even a bit misaligned on that 9.8 would bug the heck out of me . Believe it or not I'd rather have yours over that one. Just goes to show how weird I am about eye appeal. I'd rather have a small white border so long as the banner is aligned. Crazy hobby
  14. That one is actually more desirable than the Pacific coast copy you had asked about! I submitted a 9.6 cbcs for a crossover that I thought had a shot at upgrade but I knew it was an outside shot because of those pesky little spine ticks on the back spine that are barely visible . I've seen 9.8s with more color break than my 9.6. Anyone claiming that grading is not strict anymore is full of it!
  15. Hey guys this is just a small section of the room. I just put up this Len Wein asm frame. I have a few other frames I'm going to put up to go with the rest of the room that's almost finished. Nothing fancy just large and small posters with some cgc frames like the one underneath. Will update when its done ofcourse!
  16. ...its perfectly imperfect. I'll always 💖 it!
  17. Of course!... I was just referring to it being his first pencils on the title
  18. Flaming bag of dog poop on the front stairs? Nah not enough cruelty...find out where his locker is & catch him off guard
  19. To the OP- Did you guarantee a numerical grade in the description? Some shoppers don't bother to closely look at the scans or are not well read on on the ins & outs of grading. I was tempted on an X-Men 120 on Ebay that was described as a NM+ but then took a blow up of the scan. It appeared to have a very thin crease on one of the front corners only visible by blowing up the scan on that corner in the "desktop" ebay version so decided to pass. A crease alone may exclude it from being a 9.6 or 9.8 which is what nm+ is. Wasn't worth the risk. Ebay leaves too much buyer discretion in cases of "not as described"
  20. I got a 5 book reholder submission back today all came back totally free of NRs! Its looking like it's hit & miss with these NR issues. The last batch was terrible... Nevertheless I got lucky here so I'll drink to that