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  1. I was contacted by the seller about this thread today. He read everything and since he has agreed to a refund I can longer speak on the subject. You can search for yourself and find how they list things. I will say it is not mobile friendly.
  2. Thanks for your comments. I've been blown away by what this seller has got away with while preparing my case.
  3. I have bought several thousand dollars of books from a top ten comic shop on eBay. I recently had my Hulk 181, FF 45, and ASM 50 graded and they all have the purple label of death. Has anyone ever had this problem from a major seller on three keys? The Hulk 181 was described as VF/NM. I asked the seller what they thought it would grade out at and he said 9.0. The FF 45 was described as, "Super High Grade." The ASM 50 was described as "Near Perfect." What would you do without breaking the law?
  4. Yea. I typed up that whole story just out of boredom.
  5. I had to nickel and dime it out. I sold 800 books for a minimum of $10 a pop. I also had a quite a few $100+ books and when I got home I found his New Mutants run. I listed the junk to show that I had to take on all that to obtain books I could make a profit on.
  6. I have bought more collections than I can think of ranging from 500 to 5000 books. I had a guy similar to what you are describing and I was only a three hour drive and I like to hunt so I lined up some other spots to hit on the way. Most of the collection was not bag and board and I definitely had a WTH look when it was one long box and 20 shoe boxes. The guy however did have them in bags. He must have moved those shoe boxes very carefully because most of the collection was flawless. He wanted $1000 and I told him that I could only do 35 cent a book unless he had something special. I made sure while negotiating to bring up 200 books were 90's image. (If anyone needs a Brigade, Youngbloods, Shadowhawk, or Savage Dragon, I'm the man) Pointed out the 50 Punisher War Zone #1s and 40 Wolverine #50. He was reluctant so I started going through all these 90's comics that were the last thing I wanted to see and then I saw his 90's ASM run. Just like the Punishers and Wolverines the guy bought multiple of books he thought would be something and I saw the 10 ASM 361's. He had ASM 315-400 all 9.4-9.8. He didn't have any silvers so we settled on $700 or I was going to have to go through the whole collection. I sold 9 of the 361's for $70 and had one graded for a nice 9.8. I've made at least 8000 so far and I'm currently waiting on the keys from his entire SSv3 run to be slabbed. You never know what you will find. That's the thrill of the hunt. My rule is to always go in knowing the price discussed is not the final price and find enough books to hit my price. Everything else is more money in the bank!!!!!