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  1.  Question. Is it true that if you have imprinting of writing on the cover of a comic book, pressing will not get it out. Another words if someone wrote their name on some looseleaf  paper and use the comic book as a backboard but the book is in pristine condition I don’t believe pressing can get that indentation out. Is that correct? Thank you 

  2. 42 minutes ago, Webhead2018 said:

    Golden was a very nice dude. Meet him last year at a show. I got a spidey head sketch from him. He was easy to work with. I would just see if he has a fb page or website. To get ahold of him or his rep. If you want to set something up.

     I plan on seeing him at the Tampa Bay comic convention next month. I’ll either have him do a head sketch or I would really like you to do a waist up sketch of rogue. Any idea about his prices? 

  3.  Good morning Rich. I was really looking to make contact with Mr. Layton concerning the sketch. He did a sketch for me last year that I picked up at the Tampa bay comicon and I was looking for another one. Thank you anyway, Richard