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  1. Are comics that are restored viewed as being worth less than comics that aren’t? IE a comic that is a 9.4 but has had some restoration done to it to make it that vs the same comic that is a 3.0 but has no restoration done to it. I know it’s based on personal preference but which one in your eyes would be worth more?
  2. Hey guys so I have come across a fantastic four 52 however I know that that issue had a reprint in 2006. I’ve been looking at picks of both the reprint and the original and I can’t seem to find a huge difference (haven’t seen the back of the reprint) is there some way of knowing it’s a reprint?
  3. Thank you and yeah I picked it up even though it had the tear because of how nice the rest of it was. Thanks again!
  4. I know that comics get a lot of marks on them from time but I was wondering if someone could help me identify this one.
  5. Thanks guys! I’ll see if I can get the eBay listing for it and to show you
  6. So being totally new to this I was wondering if someone could explain the so called Heirarchy of damage. What I mean by that is the types of damage that cause a comic to loose the most value. I was recently looking at buying this ghost rider but my one friend said not to because the scratch on the Fed 1st. The rest of the comic (to me) didn’t look terrible but being knew I wasn’t sure what to look for. Can anyone explain what drops the value a lot and makes it not worth buying?
  7. Hey everybody! Picked this guy up at NYCC. I am brand new to all of this and wanted to know what you guys think of the condition as well as if it could use some restoration love. If I need more pics I am happy to provide them, although I’m a little scared to take it out of the plastic :p.
  8. Hey every body noob to all of this but I just bought Iron Man and Sub-Mariner at NYCC. I haven’t had it rated yet but I wanted to know if restoration was worth it? It is by no means in perfect condition but it also isn’t a rag. And I wasn’t sure if the purple label was a “dreaded” purple label. Thanks everyone!