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  1. Absolutely. I believe you are on point with your prediction.
  2. Don't know the seller or have any affiliation with him at all, but, this is in the sales forum... FS (or Trade) - Amazing Spider-Man #129 * CGC 9.4 * White Pages
  3. Yes. You won't regret having a superior copy of 181. You'll always have a shot at a great 129 down the road. I worry about the IM 55 Hype.
  4. Buy the highest 181 you can afford and save for the highest 129 you can afford. Don't straddle the fence. You will want to upgrade at some point and it will drive you mad that you have two books that are not quite what you want instead of at least 1 book you really wanted at the start.
  5. Thanks Rick. That’s impressive and the show seemed like a resounding success.
  6. Just curious what a comic book only show draws at the gate these days?
  7. Case and grade aside...sweet copy. Another bump to the Baker market by auctions end?
  8. Smart move...keep it and you'll never have regrets