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  1. 21 hours ago, aleksicwon said: When I first started out , I had this confusion too . But is not correct . The buyer is buying at fair market value . The seller is the one getting burned . Let's say FMV is $500 ( as per GoCollect ) . You are likely to get the book at $500 . The seller however is only getting $417 ( 20% less for commission) . I don't know why they call it "buyer's premium" . I think it is a marketing gimmick to hide the fact that the seller is getting burned . It is just commission that seller has to pay . Agree with @Junkdrawe
  2. BP is non-negotiable for the most part...Whale status circumstances aside... SP may be negotiated if you are selling an item/items that are "very desirable" that the auction house must have
  3. The "fee" can also be zero or if the piece(s) is "unique", the pot can also be sweetened in other ways
  4. Do not do this...I implore you...sell the 7.0 privately if possible, have the cash on hand when the right 9.0 comes along