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  1. This is unfortunate..I'm not sure how much recourse you have as their is always a chance I book gets damaged/altered adversely during the cleaning and/or pressing process...reach out to CCS and CGC customer service with your concerns..
  2. The documentary is a couple of years old now, but, anyone seen this one on Netflix?
  3. Memorable moments in US history Independence day The day Kennedy died The Space Shuttle Columbia OJ Simpson The Chase 9/11 The day Lt. Yar got bumped off the show
  4. I'll never forget this scene when it first appeared on the big's truly embedded in the recesses of my mind...
  5. it was the trash can in the back of the photo...we're like kids here...
  6. There have been some quality control issues recently with the cases...dirt, hair, this a recent sub?
  7. what's the predicted hit on this copy with the slightly brittle pages?