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  1. Bump! Updated main post for holiday season.
  2. sorry! Still pretty new to the site, just found the area that lists the rules and I'll be reading through them, editing my first post today.
  3. I've recently moved and cleaning through things, I'm looking to get rid of a bunch of comics I've got taking up space. I'm looking to get them out of the way quickly so I'm mostly selling them as series runs for the most part. Most if not all comics are bagged/boarded and are in NM condition, if any of them aren't they'll be pointed out with notes in bold along with pictures. Please post here or send me a message of what you're interested in buying, I check both often and will always sell to who asked to buy them first. other person will be contacted/replied to letting them know they've been claimed and at best if things fall through they'll be next in line. free shipping! I use first-class mail and will package issues safely as possible. Once payment has went through I'll ship out your order within 1 day at earliest but please consider it may take at most up to 3 days depending on when ordered. payment options as of right now I accept paypal (of course don't send money as friends, make sure it's known as payment for items). I am open to other forms of payment if we talk about it and it's possible to handle it. I won't offer refunds/returns. exceptions possible if major damage was caused during shipment. first post offers for issues has dibs, next post after will take over if sale falls through. X-men 92 mini series and following series #1-4 and #1-3 runs $28 The unbeatable squirrel girl #2-8 run $22 Tomboy #1-5 run $16 Drive #1-3 run $10 New romancer #1-5 $16 Eternal Soulfire #1-6 run $20 Batman Beyond #1-12 run $32 Rick and Morty #2-14 run $60 Teen Titans #1-20 run $55 Starfire #1-12 (missing #8) run $32 My little pony friendship is magic #1-42 run $170 My little pony friends forever #1-28 run $105 My little pony funko vinyl collection $250