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  1. I haven't called. Its not like customer service can do anything to affect the pace of grading. Even if they could, I don't want graders to get the book knowing that I was "that guy" when evaluating the book (I know they don't know whose book it is...but don't tempt fate)
  2. I think I ticked off the CGC gods...90 days modern and still sitting in received.
  3. Quick shipping and very secure. Double boxes! A plus seller!
  4. I’ve got an offer $4,200.00. With the fees that’s a bit too low so I’ll do $4,250.00 to first taker.
  5. Avengers 1 CGC 6.0 Slight scuffs to back of case - not on Book 90 Day GPA $5,000.00 SALE PRICE - $4,500.00 Shipped and insured.
  6. I am new to selling on here, but a longtime comic seller. My eBay feedback is here. I bought a key and need to recoup some funds My prices are fair but I am open to offers. If I do not respond to your offer your offer was unreasonable. Rules: No sales to Hall of Shame or Probation List offenders. PayPal goods and services the only acceptable form of payment. First "I'll take it" in thread gets the book and trumps any PM's. NO RETURNS - CGC GRADED BOOK - You know what you are buying! Shipping: Shipping is included I use USPS Priority Mail and pack very securely. I normally ship next business day. No returns for graded comics, unless there is damage caused by shipping (I have never had a comic damaged or returned). I will only ship to Paypal verified addresses. NO EXCEPTIONS Payment:  1. Payment via Paypal invoice ONLY. This is for both of our protection.
  7. Bump. ASM has white pages and priced at less than the 12 month gpa for unsigned copies,,,closing tomorrow