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  1. I'm blanking on XRC. Please explain? Are you talking about Jordan's card in the 1985 Nike set?
  2. If it is fragile to the point of being brittle, I'd be very careful.
  3. Freebies from SDCC were often for sale in TBG a week or two after the show, and retailers often got freebie copies to help defer their travel cost. I wasn't around for Hellboy and my only SD show was before that, when there were multiple distributors and shops could attend a Retailer Expo immediately before the Con. Marvel gave us a $300 credit for attending and a lot of swag. Must have made a grand selling everything. I never read Hellboy and didn't follow Next Men so I wasn't aware of the demand until I saw Next Men broken in out in various dealers weekly ads. Pre- internet, The Buyers Guide had a fairly large audience, who were better informed than some people think. Comics Value Monthly was selling six figures every month for awhile.
  4. My comics are still in the original factory plastic they came with. Good thing too, as so many people seem to drool over them these days.
  5. I can't believe people are referring to CVM, CGB or Wizard as the old days. Carry on! Call it macaroni, if you want, as long as you are willing to pay big bucks for it.
  6. I consider it damage, but CGC doesn't. I had an Avengers 1 that someone wrote kids names over each of the characters on the cover. I thought it would get a 1.5. MCS called it a 2.0, but CGC graded it 4.0. I don't think many reputable dealers would try to sell that raw as a 4.0
  7. No. CGC simply doesn't put their seal of approval on it. If I write Jack Kirby on the cover, it will be treated as if I wrote Hi Mom on the cover. Below a certain point, it's just writing on the cover and what is written is mostly meaningless. I don't know if the dozens of reputable authentication services out there can work thru a CGC slab, but I trust them a lot more than some of the sleaze that organized signing sessions and tours. While some COAs aren't worth the ink used to make them, others are worth their weight in gold.
  8. Of course, we all know there has never been a scandal or question with any duly deputized "witness". I'm sure the guys who used to be among the biggest witnesses and are no longer active all just retired after banking enough money. Then again, I'm wondering if this whole Declaration of Independence thing should be reexamined since we have no way of telling who really signed it.
  9. Keep drinking that kool aid. why am I getting flashbacks from 1994, when fanboys were lining up to trade Marvel Silver Age books for the latest shiny Valiant cover? .
  10. 1930s Supes would be lucky if the Legion of Substitute Heroes took him in. He was fortunate he never ran afoul of Billy Batson. Then again, 1950s TV Superman used to laugh when hoodlums shot him in the chest , but would duck when the empty gun was thrown at him.
  11. Really? So the only way to authenticate a signature is to have it witnessed by CGC? So you walk into a shop and are offered two copies of FF 64. One is signed Jack Kirby and the other is not. You think most collectors will choose the unsigned one. I'm not so sure about that but it thrills me that anyone might think that. Anything that lessens my competition is a good thing.
  12. It certainly affects what a preview can cost, and isn't that what this hobby is truly about these days. It doesn't matter what people call it, it's what people are willing to pay.
  13. I've never seen a Kirby signature on a cover I thought was real. He almost always signed the splash page.
  14. The people who concentrate on yellow labeled books are a very small percentage of the comic hobby. They have a larger presence on these boards as CGC appears to be the alter they choose to worship on. Anyone who devalues a book signed by Jack Kirby because one company doesn't authenticate unwitnessed signatures is silly. I have a print signed by Stan, Jack and Joe Simon. Unsigned copies of the print go for $15-25, signed ones go for high three figures, yet if CGC were to start grading prints, they'd give it a green.
  15. Green labels are a crazy mishmash. Most people seem to want a deep discount on them regardless of why it got green. I have a Dark Horse/ Dynamic Forces book that is signed by the cover artist. A non signed copy sold for $125 in 9.8. My copy is also a 9.8 and is signed by the artist, yet people devalue it because it has a green label. To me, the market has this backwards. A book missing a MVS is incomplete and should be graded as such. CGC realized it made a mistake with its Red labels and quickly eliminated them. They seem to have doubled down on the green label. I'd like to think that is unrelated to their yellow label books ......
  16. While I own about a dozen DC with hand stamped British prices, I have yet to find any books with them preprinted. They seem much less common then their Marvel counterparts. I'd always assumed the hand stamps were added by the shop owners, similar to date stamps, as opposed to being done by the distribution company.
  17. In 1975, I didn't find any American Comics in my very limited search of Hamilton and St George. In 1979, I found a few American books with handstamps. They were several months old and I already had them so I skipped buying them. One newsstand had a few b&w digest sized books with really crappy printing. They were mostly war books and I passed on them as well. In both cases, I was on a cruise and only had very limited time to hunt. In 79, I made the mistake of asking a record shop if they had any reggae. I had no idea that both reggae and dreadlocks were banned in Bermuda. The shop owner educated me on Bob Marley being a Satan spawned commie who would sooner slit my throat than sing.
  18. Defenders 11 is one of my favorite BA issues. I always thought the early issues were forced, but the team took off around the time Hawkeye joined them. The next thirty issues ( including the Giant Size ones) were great, but the series descended into weirdness after that, and never fully recovered.
  19. Buy what you like. If comics don't thrill you, sell them and use some of the money on what you like. I haven't been buying many books lately, but have been hunting down some great 1/72 scale armored vehicles from about ten year ago. Most of the companies went out of business as the products were.too expensive for toy stores but have taken on a second life on the secondary market They are hard enough to find to make the hunt fun, but still cheap. Most sell for under $25. This week I've sold three books on MCS for a $135 profit and spent $15 on a post Dunkirk British tank. The English Army left almost all their armor on the beaches of Dunkirk, and anticipating an imminent invasion, they created all sorts of haphazardly produced armored vehicles, Few saw actual combat as Uncle Sam leased England a couple thousand of their top of the line tanks, and Hitler turned from the West to the East.
  20. It was on James Street in Franklin Square. Across from the municipal parking lot. Maybe #7.
  21. I always thought the X-Men had transcended sex just as they conquered death. No Men, No Wo-Men, just X-Men. There are no male mutants, or female mutants, they are all just mutants. Out of curiosity, is there a core member that hasn't died at least once?
  22. Most were poorly reproduced and at the time the originals weren't very expensive. A bit hard to find and published in B&W. I know Seagate did a line of Frazetta books and he was very disappointed in the sales that they did.
  23. So to sum up this thread- the seller never said the mark is added after the fact and the discussion on the other board was quite awhile ago. Not at all the impression I got from the original post. Fake news. Mangia.