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  1. Wow. You don't want to see the back cover of a book you might buy? These eliminate the need to take the book out of the bag, sparing much handling. With that said, I've never tried them myself and would worry about the extra weight if any. One board might not affect the weight but will 250 in a long box?
  2. Do any of them have track records going back fifty years or more? Is the typical royal Dalton from 1964 appreciated like your average Marvel has?
  3. Absolutely. Each and every one of them. If God didn't think first issues are keys, why would she make so many of them?
  4. Because those are the only two sellers who might possibly overgrade?
  5. On of my neighbors is a casual driver for the PO. This means she works as needed and is the last one to receive any overtime work. She's fairly new but she says it's worse than Christmas and she is offered more OT than she can deal with.
  6. If you can't prove your point with a couple of covers, the next dozen aren't going to help much.
  7. I never played organized basketball until 9th grade. In my first organized scrimmage, I received four fouls and a technical in my first five minutes. Playing high school ball was very different than our streetball.
  8. You had rulez? About the only one we had was you couldn't hit anyone without the ball, and that was loosely observed.
  9. I see Byrne as a storyteller. Perez is an artist.
  10. First solo by by a member of the Fantastic Four vs. first wingless wizard. The price guide alone should tell you which is essential.
  11. My Comic Shop has a warning on their website that while they are shipping everything on time, that delivery companies are experiencing delays. I'd hold off shipping anything that isn't vital for a few weeks if at all practical.
  12. It's been a spell since I sold any, but check out the prices at MCS. The consignments are a bit high but the store stock is priced to move. These were low selling books no one cared about for the first thirty years.
  13. Five books with shipping and handling, I'd think $200 is a proper ballbark figure.
  14. You might not want to insult comic collectors intelligence on a comic board, especially after blowing your first attempt at an answer
  15. Raw high grades easily command $50 a pop. To the original poster, grading those books would cost in excess of $200 and it would be months before you get them back. I'd take some time to understand the hobby but if you are in a rush, selling them raw will get you some money this week.
  16. That is incorrect. While they are reprints, X-Men in the high 80s thru 93 bring good money, especially high grade ones.
  17. I'll send those photos later. Didn't have my phone with me yesterday.
  18. Does he have an agent? If not, contact his publisher.
  19. Queens Village. The bungalow was in West Oakdale. The Association was 100% Catholic and many of the families lived in the Ozone Park/ Richmond Hill areas. In fact, they would have an annual Christmas party at St Mary's, Gate of Heaven in your area.
  20. If you did, I missed it. Please point it out to me.
  21. A transaction done on the board has a paper trail for all to follow. I've seen no evidence of anything in this thread. The OP should post a few of the emails showing the agreement in principle, then show the book in question was available on ebay after the date they agreed on. If that can be done, the seller certainly doesn't deserve the privilege of selling here.
  22. In the mid-1960s, I'd spend the summers at my Grandmothers houses, splitting between Queens and a summer cottage out east on Long Island. Every year, when I'd come back, the kids in the neighborhood had changed. For example, one year everyone had Matchbox cars, and when I returned the next year with my greatly expanded collection, they had moved on to Hot Wheels and no one cared about my cars. We'd play baseball or stickball in the mornings, but the afternoons were reserved for playing army, or star trek or super heroes. Sometimes we'd be the Legion of Super-Heroes, sometimes we would 'be the Justice League and sometimes we would be The Allies of Peace. The Allies were made up of just about any Marvel hero you wanted, so Thor could team with Spider-man and Iceman. I'd never heard the term before or since so it was just a long forgotten memory that would pop up every couple of years. Thanks to the virus, I'm watching much more tv and a much wider assortment of shows. Today I'm binge-watching the 1966 Marvel Cartoons when an odd Submariner story comes on. Evidently, Marvel couldn't use the Fantastic Four so the animators chopped up the story of Reed and Sues wedding and eliminated all the FF characters and references. Instead of Dr. Doom leading an assault on the wedding, he leads an attack on the opening of Peace Plaza, where X-Men and other heroes are in The Allies of Peace. I believe this was the first and only appearance of the AOP.