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  1. Hello board, 1. I’m doing a giving away for an uncut Quantum & Woody ‘The Most Variant Cover Of All Time’ cover (among other giveaways going on now) pulled from the printing line during the muti-stage layering process. This one, in particular, has the holo-foil (aunthentic nineties) and title embossment. There were only 50 pulled so it is extremely rare. You can enter to win with just one tap when you open the giveaways section in the free Key Collector Comics mobile app on iTunes and Google Play. Check out the other giveaways too. 2. Does anyone have any educated guess at how much something like this would go for? Thank you!
  2. Given the similarities between DCs DARK Nights Metal & 2000ADs DARK Judges, I’m wondering if there is an unannounced merger occurring via the multiverse. Does IDW license Dredd? Thoughts?
  3. Love the thoughts (and as always, the laughs). Hulk getting his due recognition -- champion of angry kids everywhere. Plus a range of opinions beyond him. Giant Man also comes to mind. Iron Man checks the "well-rounded Strong Man" boxes. And He-Man... he's so strong.
  4. Alright, boardies. Supes. Hulkster. She-Hulk. Thing. Ms. Marvel. Supergirl. Savage Dragon. Colossus. Marv. Bane. Juggernaut. Rogue. Namor. The list goes on and on. Who's your personal favorite(s), and why? Reasons can be anything that floats your boat, i.e. need not be "because strongest."
  5. If you look at it for a minute, you'll see the hint in the Mirage logo...the face of a ninja turtle
  6. I was loading logos into the Key Collector Comics mobile app (still a few missing if anyone has the app and can point me in the right direction) for the new "search by publisher" feature and thought you'd all enjoy this little game. Can you name all of the corresponding publishers to their logo?
  7. That Taskmaster is gorgeous. We see plenty of artists on the CAF site (do a search for commission). Read David Finch's Moon Knight #4 yesterday, the aftermath of Moonie's and Taskmaster's tango...
  8. We love keys in all shapes and sizes (and colors, yikes). The comics market would be a Lot less fun if everything came in the same condition.
  9. Appreciate the shout-out. Use our (free) app and your answer will become apparent within seconds of scrolling down the X-Men keys.