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  1. Key Issues Arriving At Your LCS This Week The Crow Hack/Slash #1 1st appearance of a new Crow Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40 1st appearance of a new Power Rangers team Transformers Ghostbusters #1 1st crossover Transformers and Ghostbusters (aside from the Ashcan preview) 1st appearance of Ectotron, an autobot version of Ecto-1 Justice League Dark #12 1st appearance of the JLD as the Lords of Chaos (cameo in #11) Both issues are this week's "secret variant" Absolute Carnage tie-in Series premieres, finales, speculative keys and additional variants omitted from this post
  2. June 6: CGC graded 1.0 sold for $3,100 in 35 bids on eBay Speculation that Far From Home will hint at or introduce Norman Osborn has generated interest in this undervalued key issue Rumors that the High Evolutionary will be a villain in GOTG vol. 3 sends Thor #134 up 35% in value New Gods #1 makes the Hot List again with last week's news that Tom King is contributing to the screenplay Richard Dragon's Kung-Fu Figher #1 and #18. Idris Alba confirmed to star in Suicide Squad 2 has many thinking he will play the Bronze Tiger Morgan le Fay makes her first post Golden Age cameo in Spider-Woman #2 and full appearance in the final panel of Spider-Woman #5. (not in Skull The Slayer - that was a robot) Elizabeth Hurley announced to play the sorceress in the next season of Runaways and there is also speculation that she may crossover into other Marvel Hulu upcoming shows Lobo debuts in the second season of Krypton on June 12 Inhumans #5 now consistently selling for $45-$60 with many thinking Yelena Belova will be the main antagonist to The Black Widow In 2014, the Sony hack revealed interest in developing the comic book series Django/Zorro, now we are learning Tarantino has hired comedian/writer, Jerrod Carmichael to adapt the comic series As Paper Girls nears its series end, Brian K. Vaughn teases "big news coming". Movie adaptation rumors have already persisted prior to the vague message Last Friday Bendis tweeted movie news coming soon in the letters section of Pearl #10. This week has seen the result of the comment with values jumping from cover price to $15+ on both the standard and variant seen here If you don't know why #191/#192 are hot, I don't want to spoil it. Not quite HOT but the aggressor from the previously mentioned issues makes his first appearance in #177 A 🚨 Key Issue Alert notification was sent out when the press release of this issue hit and and an hour later the first printing was sold out. Reselling for 300% over webstore price. The new issue also stimulated additional $1k sales of the issue that prompted DC to send the cease and desist letter Released this week and sold out with little inventory on eBay Virgin variant cover by Artgerm has sold for $150-$200 since pre-sale and consistently thru this week's release Not much of an increase in value yet but a high frequency of sales for Adi Granov's Wanda & Vision variant on the cover of Deadpool #13 BONUS Teasers released online by HBO today, June 7th are captioned with the title of this Watchmen #6 "The Abyss Gazes Also" the origin of Rorschach
  3. They have a good streak going! Some controversy with the new Batman casting but I don't think there's anyone who would be cast as Batman that would receive overwhelming (51%+) praise
  4. New gods Lately their best critical success is when the characters are in standalone films. Bringing in Tom makes me think they’re going to get more granular with character development.
  5. DC might be getting their feet planted with the past few successes. I’m interested in how Suicide Squad is going to turn out with some interesting character choices. Especially if the Idris Alba Bronze Tiger rumors turn out to be true
  6. Pearl started to pick up yesterday a bit. We’ll see what Bendis says in his letters column
  7. @Hollywood1892 Thank you for commenting. I'm glad you enjoy it. Actually the values haven't jumped much yet on Jimmy Olsen 134 or Forever People. Most of the increases are all volume increase, not value. The Pearl book is so new and not on many people's radar so there probably isn't much graded floating around. Possibly sold already. Thanks again for checking it out
  8. Haha...I'd love to give my harmonious opinion on this but I'll let you do the talking.
  9. Hey...I'm not asking why or why not. There are A LOT of Liefeld fans out there as seen in the data on Major X and the Spider-Man Deadpool #47 cameo. I just report it. Haha. i think they may have gotten close to that Aunt May parody.