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  1. Welp they are going to lose out on my money then. That's a real shame. I prefer to use CGC services but looks like I'll be forced to use the "other" company.
  2. Louisville Super Con is going to be November 30th- December 2nd. Will CGC be there? It is not listed on the front page. This seems like it will be a pretty large show and I would definitely like to get some books signed and submitted! https://louisvillesupercon.com/
  3. I recently picked up a Lady Death 10th anniversary double cover. I guess it is a 10th anniversary because it doesn't have the sticker on the cover. I've been told they are pretty rare, but nothing more than that.
  4. No Torpedo specifically said they would do mail-ins for the signing, and those mail-ins are handled for them by one specific facilitator.
  5. Thank you. I don't see them on the vendors list so that's why I came here to ask.
  6. Surprising they aren't having Chris Pratt. He's from there.
  7. I see a few artist and a good group of celebrities are going to be at the Knoxville Fan Boy Expo at the end of June this year. Are there going to be an CGC facilitators there? https://fanboyexpo.com/knoxville/comic-guests/
  8. Hopefully Ric Flair gets over his illness so that he will be there with the Four Horsemen reunion!
  9. Well I had talked to them with no trouble through Facebook, then I sent a post on May 8th and it shows they read it but I got no answer. I then sent another message... it shows they read it, but no answer. I've sent 4 messages since May 8th and got no answer. To be honest, after Torpedo comics canceled mail-ins for Frank Miller, I think the facilitator is ignoring me because they know it has screwed things up for me. It's poor business how Torpedo handled the whole situation. I've now got a Daredevil #183 signed by Conway, that I can't get signed by Miller... and 4 more #183 and a #184 I bought that I can't get signed.
  10. I'm looking at the list for HEROESCON and I see Dorman, Giffen, and Steranko. Do you have any idea on their prices? I would like to get one book signed by each of them, along with pressing and cleaning, and then slabbed.
  11. I was working with a guy on getting books signed and authenticated, but it seems like something just isn't right. I got one book back fine, but he's ghosted me on Facebook since May 8th. I can see he has read my messages but won't answer. He's still got two of my books. I'd like to find someone that is a little more responsible in keeping good communications.