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  1. Ok will do and I’m doing everything thru NY Comics in April so I would imagine it’s gonna be signed then pressed would this be bad idea
  2. So I bought 8 copies of ASM 361 First appearance of carnage along with multiple copies of issues before and after 361 for about $1 each. I would say they range from VF to NM. My idea was to get them signed by Bagley and Michelinie and then Graded it would run me about $100 total for sigs and graded . The only thing is that for the ones that aren’t NM should I get them pressed or would this not helped I have pictures that o can upload once I get home
  3. Thanks man I’ve been collecting for a while but just recently started collecting comics that used to be out of my price range nothing major by my first “big” purchase is a very low grade ASM 15 and 20 for $130 each that I’m getting signed this weekend by The Man Stan Lee !
  4. Hi guy so I’m new to the forum but I’ve been collecting comics since I was a kid. I’m a big spiderman fan and I was curious how some of us mere mortals have come to own the Holy Grail that is Amazing Fantasy 15 with out having to pay a fortune for it. Note that as of yet I’m not one of those lucky few but maybe someday.