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  1. Another childhood book. This book isn't worth anything, but was waiting for Stan's signature before he passed. I just have a warm spot for the absurdity of this book, and it even has an Oilers jersey. Complete with Canadian government Health and Welfare ad on the back. :P
  2. Thanks, when I was a kid I used to sell cards and comics (booths at shows, etc), so I kept everything in decent shape even after reading them. But, that said, I'm also picky on what I send in. I have tons of boxes I need to dump that didn't make their grade worth slabbing. I filtered a ton, but even after I sent in about 200 books to be slabbed, I was getting a >90% pre-screen rate (I did a bunch at 9.8 and some at 9.6 depending on projected value). These books clearly weren't in the pre-screen as I had them signed. I guess I need to head to a LCS or something to unload the extra boxes. I might make one last pass to pull out my favourites. Most are in 9.6-9.8+ condition but the cost of slabbing and selling isn't worth the effort or just breaks even.
  3. A few more books childhood books back in slabs.
  4. I hadn't looked at the prices lately, but that's crazy. I have 2 glossy SS ones (shooter and layton) coming back still, and another one (i've previously posted on here) of SS shooter/layton and erroneously Stan Lee. Hope they're all back in time to capitalize on some of that.
  5. Sorry, that is correct, I was mistaken. It was a reholder fee regardless as they'll crack it to take a look, then you'll pay a (potentially) lowered grading fee if they think it'll be a higher grade. In my case it was a 9.6 to a 9.8, where the 9.6 had no comments and my only guess was they thought the artwork caused spine stress. They ended up agreeing with me and adjusting it. That said, I've put through over 150 books and while a few I think fell in this bucket, it wasn't really worth the review except that one and a couple I haven't sent in yet. Most of my other modern books it wasn't worth the time or additional cost.
  6. You can send it in with a bite and ask for a review. If they decide it could be incorrectly graded then they'll crack it and regrade it (charging you a reholder fee), otherwise send it back to you with comments. Basically the grade shouldn't drop. Another option is to send it into CCS for a press and then a grading after. I've had success both ways, but I've only send in a review book for something that I couldn't see other than the artwork making it look line spine stress.
  7. Yeah, I hadn't even looked too close at the dates as I had a couple of batches of books for Stan. That's funny, I assume Chris either thought he had enough room there, or couldn't tell that was Stan's signature vs the art. heh.
  8. More... I can't remember if I posted one of the Iron Man books or not, and I mixed up what I got in this month vs older on those ones.
  9. Some x-men that came back recently. Not all great, but books I liked when growing up. And, I was a little bummed about Stan signing overtop of Chris' signature, but it's Stan... :P
  10. And scanning more... Not the best placement or colour for Stan's sigs, but given the timing I was happy they were able to get to him... Most of my signed books I'm going to hang as rotating artwork in my house, so the kid in me thinks it's neat that he was able to sign them.
  11. Some more from last week. Wasn't too happy with a couple of grades there (Iron Man, Gauntlet), and kinda funny that Frank signed the book twice.
  12. A few more books. CGC is going to recase the Uncanny 266 as the label says Adam Kubert and not Andy.
  13. Well, it's more keyword searching, and you can make it find exact titles if you know exactly what they are and they don't overlap others. In the two examples "amazing spider man, the" or "incredible hulk, the" will quickly find matches. But, I don't disagree it's painful especially searching for batman or x-men (outside of "x-men, the").
  14. Yeah, he has a great looking sig and takes the time to sign them nicely. I'm yet to see a rush job from him. I was pretty happy with the books coming back, although I did only send in good copies (especially the Spawn's). I was a little bummed about the ASM 299, but it definitely does have some spine wear, and the corner missing on the front and back. Regardless I got most of these done to hang out in my house and that copy still shows really well. I'll probably sell the dupes though, I just wanted good shots at getting a good result. :)