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  1. You can't discuss Miller without discussing [Eisner and] Koike and Goseki. There is no Daredevil as we know it, Ronin, Wolverine Limited Series, or TMNT [inspired from an inspiration] without Koike and Goseki. I recommend anyone who loves Miller find the Dark Horse published conversations between Eisner and Miller, and do their best to find press articles of the day to see Miller's self described debt to Koike and Goseki's Lone Wolf and Cub.
  2. My thoughts and prayers are with Steve and his family.
  3. Posting in a legendary thread that may or may not be poofed.
  4. Those who sacked the sack have been something something Arch's sig line Eastasia ban Tranny.
  5. A lot of those items are now on the dollar menu while comics are now four bucks a piece.
  6. Lolwhut? EDIT: I misunderstood the exchange. My apologies. Carry on.
  7. Great game! I'm diving deep into Euro Board Games.
  8. This is one of the best threads ever in the history of the boards.
  9. Have you seen The Raid: Redemtion? There's some amazing fight scenes in that. Greatest action movie to come out in a long time !! Raid I and II are the standard by which I hold all modern martial arts movies to. I know it CAN be done, so I EXPECT it to be done. Wick, well done. DD season 2, I'm looking at you...