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  1. I am new at this whole trying to find specific comics thing. Usually I just browse through my local comic and antique shops and pick up anything that interests me. I have a boyfriend who is a hardcore Doctor Strange fan. I stumbled upon Strange Tales 110, and I decided that would be the perfect gift for him for Christmas. Now, I have to sidebar here to say, I kind of hate Christmas, but I LOVE buying gifts for the people I care about, and when I get the idea for the perfect gift in my head I get a little obsessive about it. I NEVER expected the comic to cost so much. I love the guy, but I am also a single mom who has to buy gifts from myself AND Santa for my school age kid, and I can't afford to spend over $1000 on one gift. Hell, I can't even afford the crappy copies that are like $800. I want one that isn't graded and that he could actually look through. It doesn't have to be nice. I am not looking to make money off of it or find it as some sort of collection or for bragging rights. I just want to find an affordable copy that will be gifted to someone who will truly appreciate it. I also want to say, I have looked through every comic and antique store within 50 miles of my city, every online auction and comic store I know of/can find. I looked through Facebook marketplace for every major city within driving distance of me. I searched all of Craigslist. I have looked at the ebay pages for pretty much every single country. I have messaged and made offers to probably 100 people. I have had no luck, and it is becoming a mind-numbingly impossible search. I want to give up, but any time I think of having to get something else it just doesn't seem good enough now. Like I said, I get a little crazy about gifts. ANY help anyone can offer me, any tips, tricks, or ideas of places to search would be incredibly helpful. I probably sound like an insufficiently_thoughtful_person since I am not all that knowledgeable on this stuff, so please be nice. Thanks in advance!