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  1. Actually there’s no rush. Shire you can get 40 bucks today but when there’s an official announcement “if” and there’s a strong chance...then you’ll get 89-100 bucks!
  2. Not somebody. Just about everybody. Its a matter of time only until MCU X men and it will be BIG!
  3. Exactly. There’s so much money to be made in dollar box spec books...Classic keys are going for a pretty penny. Even dreck is going for a premium like that Venom that’s now a cat
  4. Yea this can get big depending on the part they play in the wide scope of the MCU... Will be a good flip once an actual trailer drops and it’s brought to more public attention. May be a good long term hold if they play a bigger part and that’s very possible. Its a cool book to find in a collection or a 2 dollar box. Ill buy these all day for under 10 bucks shipped
  5. Hulk 1 and 2 2008 all covers...heating again. 2 having a lot of recent sales still under 10 bucks
  6. What’s going down? Because I can hardly find anything for actual gpa or lower?? id like to know so I can buy. anybody here selling under gpa for good keys? Hit ne up
  7. Yea and the fact that he had on a jump suit that had the Time Variance Authority on it!
  8. Also Increased sales at about 10 bucks or so since Super Bowl with Loki being in a jump suit that had Time Variance Authority logo. Not bad for a dollar bin book!
  9. Subby has already been hinted and most likely showing up on the shores of Wakanda. old news
  10. It’s been a while since anything was mentioned here The silver age classics that are hot will always be hot so there’s not lots to talk about besides some b list characters taking a bigger role in the MCU. Avengers 48 has been picking up again with a few strong sales yesterday. with new movie screen shots and news of confirmation of Whitman and Sersi relationship alot if people questioned if 47 would be the bigger key and now with some time passed we know it’s 48 that’s the book to have
  11. Not new tid bits but I just read it... some screen shots of Black Night with Sersi confirming some sort of relationship.
  12. No usually 7 bucks or 10 with free ship. Still a nice affordable book to stock up on though.
  13. Loki series to introduce Sera, the first transgender in the MCU According to a report by a leading daily, Marvel is planning to introduce the comics character, Sera in the first season of Loki. It would make her the first transgender character to appear in the MCU in a pivotal role.