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  1. Yes it’s sellers asking crazy money for some books but again at least it creates somewhat of a “cap” that is good because people will steal your money on eBay if there was no other price points to reference.
  2. Wait... This Brigade talk is a joke right? Dont make me go buy one for no reason
  3. As far as mycomicshop setting a selling price limit? Thank goodness because dealers will rape you with there prices without other buying “options” ...and mcs prices are mostly ridiculous to begin with.
  4. I’m glad someone is mentioning Mycomicshop. I’d buy from them anytime over eBay for raw “same advertised grade” even if mcs is a bit higher. They tend to undergrade and I’ve gotton 6.0 silvers that came back 7.5’s ebay is the pits for people overgrading and selling junk books advertised as NM. Its giving good honest dealers a real bad name.
  5. I’m not unreasonable all the time and I actually have respect for you as a longer time member with a lot of good input. it seems I did not read the original post carefully as I see now it is about the LCSD books. It’s actually a nice book and wish I got out to get a few. Going up and sales picking up since being mentioned here too.
  6. Well why not? How many ratio variants are there? How many LCSD “limited” ? What can I compare it to then? Are the words “ratio” or “limited” confusing you? Are you giving them real world meaning? great for you...good luck.
  7. Because it’s a 50.00 book all day and if some dummy wants to pay 80 let keeps the market healthy and allows people to make there money so they can continue to stay in healthy business buying and selling. Theres a lot of people making bad buys now a days. I say more power to them
  8. This book Magic cover is not even close to selling for the highest of the new 1st issues
  9. I know it’s an old thread. I found it while do some research on rare Witchblade covers. Just got this yesterday and not in my possession yet. Some of these Jay Co. variants are still selling for good money. I had a choice between this or the sketch version and paid a fair price for mine.
  10. There a good potential investment though. At 10 bucks there’s not much to loose if interest in the character fails.
  11. Yup steady sales 10-25 bucks. Spec has begun on Spider Zero.
  12. This should go in copper. There is 2nd print of 1,2, and 3 that came in a multipack from Walmart. I believe that 2 and 3 were sold on the direct market but not 1. I see 2 and 3 much more often than 1 and got my issue 1 from a sealed Walmart pack from the 80s.