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  1. His wife as that’s who it was sent to. what a shame he involved her in his shananagan...just wow
  2. Where is everything? Package? You send a pick of an empty slab? thats it?? omg that’s priceless 😂😂😂😂
  3. I don’t know if he had insurance? If he’s trying to claim insurance on book he received back? honestly I do not care. he is going to be banned from PayPal and that’s guaranteed
  4. He sent broken slab. No pictures of back cracked. tried to have me pay friends and family for transaction. slab got sent back just as I received it whatever happened after he opened my package that he has no photos of us on him. hes not getting over on me bub
  5. you won’t get one. im here to continue monitoring catwoman for PayPal ban as well as the authorities not to answer your questions
  6. I’m not here for your inquiry sir. im here to take screens and report his violation to PayPal
  7. Please did yourself deeper. I’m begging you 🙏🙏
  8. And it’s to late because I sent screens in just now. And investigation on you and wife is still open as is wow dumb dumb dumb
  9. Bro all I know is you are 100% going to get banned from PayPal for posting screens of my address on a sale you made there. thats guarantee and shame you used your poor wife’s account
  10. They already are investigating you for messages you send (on here) asking me to pay friends and family for business transactions. you really are a dummy aren’t you?? well you just screwed your wife’s account because I have all the screen shots and I’m reporting them now