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  1. dont forget Xmen 6 - early Magneto / Brotherhood & Submariner Kirby cover 1964
  2. It defies expectations - not many other major superhero and villain first app combinations in silver age
  3. hopefully its a good movie and doesn't kill the character popularity. Kraven is a timeless villain that has appeared all over the MCU - just not as cool a cover as 13 & 14.
  4. this one has steadily gained lately it seems.
  5. ASM 5 cover is such a cool classic Marvel cover - early Spidey and first Doom crossover. Seems like it hasn't gotten as much love as 1-4, 9, 13-15 in the early run because it doesn't have a first appearance, but still lots going for it IMHO especially with 1-4 getting seriously pricey.
  6. Greetings all - I have not purchased or sold on this forum yet, but have IG and ebay accounts that can verify. WTB FF 49 cgc 8.0 OW / W pages blue label. Willing to pay GPA or slightly higher - also have some solid books for trade (ASM 101 cgc blue label 8.0 CR/OW, Hulk 180 cgc blue label 7.5 W, FF 49 cgc blue label 7.0 OW / W). Hit me up via DM Cheers
  7. Jesus that's a huge buy. Well played sir
  8. Congrats on the newbie ! My son was born last year and somehow came up with an awesome seldom used name (can't share tho but you've definitely heard it before) I'd start with your favorite characters and go from there ! Awesome books too