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  1. Gil Kane / Nick Cardy / Infantino / Kubert / Adams weren't quality artists ? Regardless of your take on the storytelling quality, there are still major characters that came out of Silver Age DC - the only difference is that they haven't gotten the same exposure on the big screen as Marvel.
  2. DC Silver Age Keys have definitely not gotten much love compared to Marvel in the past 3 years - wonder when this will change
  3. Silver Surfer 3 plenty of room to move still sleeper
  4. WTB JIM 83 slabbed CGC 1.5 - 2.0 paying GPA
  5. 3 isnt just older, it has a much lower supply (2298 vs 3861) though definitely agree that green goblin is the more significant character + early app Hulk bonus.
  6. other comic investments or different asset classes entirely ?
  7. DD 1 is the first appearance of a unique character which IMHO trumps early apps from a group
  8. found the opposite with my 80s / 90s collection - probably 1 out of 10 newsies and most not in NM shape. wondering how this trend will play out; i've been combing sales sites for certain high grade keys and they are nowhere to be found.
  9. wow that is awesome data and pretty much in line with the limited research I've done. Do you have a link to the (assuming) CBCS page ? I found a few very noticeable differences in supply and 1 or 2 screaming buys for CA keys.
  10. Just researched a bunch of Copper Age keys comparing the supply of Newsstands to Direct on Ebay listings and also looking at the CGC census. The higher end was Amazing Spider-Man 361 first Carnage with 35% Newsstands listings (35 out of 100 listings checked) and a census of 15,000. On the lower end was Batman 404 (2,299 census) first Modern Catwoman and Wolverine (1987) 1 (15,436) with 6% to 10% Newsstand listings. The average was around 20% Newsstand listings. Definitely seems like a noticeable supply difference.
  11. Has this changed in the past 5 years ?
  12. WTB Marvel Super Heroes #20 in Fine to VF+. Preferably raw, but will consider slabs at GPA. Otherwise anything reasonable