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  1. Thanks to @Kevlar for the Michael Keaton signature 🙂
  2. Thanks to @YEPITSME for the Lucifer #1 signed by Tom Ellis, @Par2ch for adding L-A. Brandt and D.B. Woodside and @Kevlar for snagging Inbar Lavi (Eve) last fall. Hopefully Season 5 will prompt more of the cast to hit the con circuit.
  3. Quick question: the online order form for this signing is several pages long. If we are only subbing 1-2 books, do we have to fill in all of the pages? Thanks in advance
  4. Nice pick-up. I got Peter to sign my Charlie Brown Christmas and Halloween blu-rays back in 2016. He referred to me as a blockhead in the inscription 🙂 this was my CGC takeaway, far from a 9.8 but I wanted a piece that would capture the time period when he was CB.
  5. Thanks to @Par2ch and Rich Henn for the sigs and keeping the 9.8 SOA #1: Sutter, Hurst, Flanagan, Hunnam, Rossi and Perlman.
  6. Hi, there were some sketches available on the boards years ago when Frank and his CGC reps were promoting DK3. The Batman red ink head sketch was at a private Frank Miller meet’n’greet event at FanExpo Canada 2016 (you entered a lottery to get a chance at attending) where the DK3 team was also signing.
  7. Thank you, Nino. I’m a sucker for blue line sketches like the Carrie. It’s a glimpse into the artist’s process we don’t get anymore in the digital age.
  8. Top 5 (and 1 honorable mention): Campbell: Lee/Leisten: Miller:
  9. My summer layaways finally came home 🙂 Travolta Hardy/Lee
  10. How did you get Priscilla to sign a cover she wasn’t featured on?