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  1. So did you win the Pacino/Bauer Scarface 9.8 for $1600?
  2. He did ECCC in 2017, so there’s hope.
  3. It’s a tie between Frank Miller and Stan Lee for me, with a whopping 4 (!) SS each.
  4. Is the Wizard Dark Book still available? PM sent.
  5. It’s not my thing personally...I saw a copy of Action Comics #252 (1st Supergirl) signed by Laura Vandervoort in a yellow 2.5. I’d trade that in for a blue 2.5, but maybe that yellow 2.5 will end up being someone else’s grail...
  6. Joker: Year of the Villain blank (Sketch Edition/Error Edition!) signed by Brett Cullen (“Thomas Wayne”, Joker) with quote. This blank actually houses a copy of Hawkman #17, making it 1 of only 2 error editions on the census. Thanks to @Par2ch for the assist!
  7. I have a sneaking suspicion of where this book came from....heehee
  8. I get them done for error comics if there’s a green label to begin with. Here’s one I have: