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  1. Thanks! I kept my focus on pre-psycho Barbara Kean. The show’s been touch-and-go for me ever since she turned bad...
  2. Gotham cast book back from Comicpalooza with a fresh Michael Chiklis add:
  3. How was it a disaster? I’m curious. I’ve only just started watching SOA now...
  4. Tom Ellis (can’t wait for season 4!):
  5. From the Montreal (represent!) Comic Con 2018, kudos to the Gotham Central team! Chuck Norris and Pamela Anderson
  6. Q&A after the movie’s premiere from what I was told.
  7. I appreciate the sentiment but then your lone would be lone no more...! I didn’t tell you to stop dancing though....
  8. I pray the pressing gods will be kind to this one...till then... #wearevenom
  9. Kudos to Par2ch for getting my childhood crush’s autograph: Rachel Leigh Cook
  10. I’d love to see them! I’m gonna start in on book 2 myself.
  11. Let’s end this year off right: Flash Season Zero #1 CGC 9.8 SS TWENTY-SIX signatures!
  12. I’d have at least one book to submit for Signature Series. Cheers.
  13. Rich Henn’s hit up this show in the past. Try messaging him. Cheers.