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  1. My new covid mask... 😲 Motorized Iron Man Helmet in action. The is the closest to a real Iron Man helmet you can get now. It also uses voice control to activate different modes. 😎 The face plate opens in multiple pieces in sequential steps. It also has a remote that allows opening and closing, and activation of light up effects. 👍 This is very cool, but if you have a big head it may not fit you 😁 It's a really cool toy for any Iron Man fan 👍
  2. Doctor Octopus Statue by XM STUDIOS... Awesome statue for any Spider-Man collection 😍 Great next to the other Spider-Man villains 😁 Quick look at the CGC Graded Comics & Statue... What I like & Don't like this amazing statue 🧐 The SINISTER 6 is finally here: Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Electro, Mysterio, Sandman and Kraven the Hunter. 👍 It is really cool finally looking at all of them together. I also show a couple of my favorite Doc Ock comic books including the origin in Amazing Spider-Man #3 and my favorite ASM#55 😎 #sinister6, #xmstudios, #doctoroctopus, #stat
  3. I collect action figures and statues As far as size, it really depends on how much money and space you have. To me, 1/4 is the perfect size for statues. 1/2 and 1/3 is just too big and expensive to me. 1/6 are really cool too, but after looking at the 1/4 in person, I do prefer that larger size better. Most of my collector friends go with 1/4 statues for detail/quality, and 1/6 -1/10 for quantity/price. 🙄 If my goal is 30+ statues, 1/4 scale may be too big/expensive; if my goal was 5-15 statues I'd go with the 1/4 scale... 🧐 My action figures (4", 6", and 12"" already meet the
  4. 👍 Final video on how I made this Custom Base for my PRIME1 VENOM statue. All material can be found at most local hardware/craft stores. 😍 I'm not an artist or professional painter... but, this is very simple and inexpensive project that anyone can make at home. The add-on base is completely removable and no permanent changes were made to the original statue. 🧐 The custom LIZARD base videos shows in more detail how to make the base using the foam 😬 and how it was painted. The foam used was Owens Corning FOAMULAR Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Rigid Foam Insulation.
  5. Video on how I made this Custom Base add-on for my PRIME1 VENOM statue. All material can be found at most local hardware/craft stores. This is the best Venom statue I've found, 😍 but I never liked the "silver border" around the base. I'm no artist, I just wanted do something different to make it look nicer next to my other statues on the display. I've done a Custom Kraven Base, a large Lizard base, and I thought the Venom should be next 😎 I've tried to keep the video as short as possible since I've already shown some of the techniques in the LIZARD video 😁 This is something that many
  6. My favorite Kingpin comic books in my collection. Quick look and interesting facts about the first appearance of the Kingpin / Wilson Fisk in comic books. 😁 The origin of Kingpin starts with: 💥 Amazing Spider-Man #50 cgc 9.0 - "Spider-Man No More!" - First appearance of Kingpin, Kingpin's Penthouse Suite, Kingpin's disintegrator cane, and more ! 💥 Amazing Spider-Man #51 cgc 9.4 - "In the Clutches of the Kingpin!" - Second appearance of Kingpin, First Kingpin Cover ! 💥 Amazing Spider-Man #52 cgc 9.8 - "To Die a Hero!" - 3rd appearance of Kingpin, 1st appearance of J
  7. You have some good points. I don't know, maybe I'm just looking too much into it. The reason I mentioned it is that I thought he would actually be good even without a "super-hero". 🤔 It couldn't be an animated series, but a live action/crime series would be cool. I don't think you always have to have a super-hero and a lot of explosions in the story... birds of pray was really bad, and joker was pretty interesting (I know they are not series). Maybe some super-hero cameos, but more like a crime/mafia drama; not exactly like sopranos/godfather, but his own series with him still bein
  8. Well, I'm a big Spider-Man fan and the Kingpin is one of my favorite characters. 😎 I've been going over my collection and Kingpin collectibles and decided to also look at the Kingpin in animated series (that's why I made the video). Why is the Spider-Woman Kingpin so different? That's my least favorite design and "personality". Maybe it's just my impression. 🙄😲 The 1967 and 1981 are my favorites.😁 Hope you enjoy it 👍 below: 1979 Spider-Woman Series Below: 1967 Spider-Man series Below: 1981 Spider-Man series Below:
  9. Quick look at my Marvel Retro Kingpin Figure by Hasbro. 🧐 This is a more in-depth review of the figure which is now the best Kingpin figure available in this class. 👍 Not a huge improvement over the Marvel Legends Kingpin BAF, but much better than the ToyBiz Kingpin figures as you can see in the video review & comparison. 😁 I really like the Gallery of Spider-Man's Most Famous Foes from the Spider-Man Annuals so I've included it in the video the Kingpin pinup from the Annual #13 Note that it shows Kingpin's first appearances on ASM #50, #51 and #59... The Kingpin
  10. Marvel Kingpin collection 😁 The statue and new Marvel Kingpin figure are awesome 👍 Really cool to see them side-by-side next to the even more awesome books; 💥 Amazing Spider-Man #50 cgc 9.0 - First appearance of Kingpin 💥 Amazing Spider-Man #51 cgc 9.4 - Second appearance of Kingpin, First Kingpin Cover ! 💥 Marvel Legends Face Off (Daredevil vs. Kingpin) Figures by Toybiz 💥 Marvel Retro Collection Kingpin Figure by Hasbro 💥 XM Studios Kingpin Statue 1/4 Scale This is just a quick intro video to my Kingpin collection and I'll show them in more detail in separate videos. 😎
  11. WOW... We used to play with them when we were kids... 😁 My mom hated buying batteries for it 😨 They were expensive and we could only afford a couple of them so we used to "trade" them with our friends. I had a couple of those and one with two screens. Super cool ! 👍
  12. If you can read only one Spidey tale this year... It has to be this ONE ! Amazing Spider-Man #144 is another surprisingly rare book in cgc 9.8 from 1975 (Only 24 graded 9.8) 😱 I'll go over interesting facts about this issue in this video... 💥 THE DELUSION CONSPIRACY ! Gwen ?! You are alive? The Cyclone vs. Spider-Man again ! This issue was one of the most talked-about comic books from 1975. The epic cover and the dramatic final panel made ASM#144 an instant classic. 😱 This issue features the first full appearance of the Gwen Stacy clone and Origin of the Cycl
  13. #spiderman #cgc, #comicbooks, #rarecomics, #comiccollection, #comics, #ASM145, #ASM146, #gwenstacy, #thescorpion Amazing Spider-Man #145 is another surprisingly rare book in cgc 9.8 from 1975 (Only 24 graded 9.8) 😱 I'll go over interesting facts about this issue in this video... 💥 THE SCORPION STINGS ONLY ONCE ! Gwen Stacy is Alive...and, Well...?! Peter believes Gwen is an impostor but Ned tells him they checked her fingerprints... and she is the REAL Gwen ! 😱 This issue features the Scorpion's return and an epic battle with Spidey. In this video I also show another rare A
  14. Amazing Spider-Man #148 is another surprisingly rare book in cgc 9.8 from 1975 (Only 22 graded 9.8) 😱 WHO IS THE JACKAL ? It's not the first appearance of the Jackal (it was on Amazing Spider-Man #129), but this is the issue where his identity is revealed ! 😁 This issue also provides some background info on the origin of the Gwen Stacy Clone and also features the Tarantula. Professor Miles Warren first appearance was in Amazing Spider-Man #31. Not the most expensive bronze age comic book in this series, but its value stayed relatively high in the last few years (Near Mint/Mi
  15. Amazing Spider-Man #151 and Amazing Spider-Man #33 are both relatively rare books, surprisingly, the ASM#151 currently has fewer copies graded in cgc 9.8. 😱 These two books would definitely be part of the best Amazing Spider-Man silver age or bronze age covers series when I make one..😁 Hope you enjoy it ! 👍