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  1. Selling my Tales To Astonish #27 and #35. $6,250 firm for the set. Shipping is included. USPS Priority Mail. Books will be shipped in a medium Flat Rate Box. I take my packaging seriously, ask if you want to know how I ship. Selling the set. Do not ask to separate please. First "I'll take it" gets the books. Free shipping does not apply to International buyers. You will have to pay for shipping cost. Form of payment: Paypal G&S only. Payment due within 3 days. (Message me if there is an issue) PM's are welcome if you have any questions or comment on the post. No Returns. Note: I will be on vacation from June 13th until June 28th. I may not have internet access. If someone comments "I will take it" I will respond as soon as I can. You do not need to send payment until I am back and able to ship the books to you.
  2. They must have been one of the shops who took orders. If that is all they got It makes me think they were not lying about the 600 available. I ordered mine from Mutant Beaver Comics and they told me the whole order was split with all the shops who sold them. I am not sure how many shops were selling these. I know 7ate9 and Comic Mint were selling, apparently these guys too.
  3. Me coming back to this thread a month after I started it. Seriously though prices are through the roof and copies are just being shipped out to buyers. I bought 2 copies and sold one for $175. Part of me wishes I waited but I got a free book, the money to send it to CGC and some profit so I can't complain.
  4. Anyone grab one? 600 printed. How low is that historically?
  5. The copy is so nice. The real killer was the spine damage. Staples are in tack and clean but the tear in the spine probably pushed a visually 5.0 or better book to a 4.0. I knew going in it was going to be lower than it looks.
  6. Here is my addition to the club. Found in the wild! Got it back just a few weeks ago.