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  1. Hi, This is a request to either extend the "American Splendor (1976)" set by adding the books below, or the creation of an "American Splendor (Complete)" set. Thanks American Splendor: Special A Step Out of the Nest nn (18) Aug-94 American Splendor: Windfall 1 (19) Sep-95 American Splendor: Windfall 2 (20) Oct-95 American Splendor: Comic-Con Comics nn (21) Aug-96 American Splendor: On The Job nn (22) May-97 American Splendor: Music Comics nn (23) Nov-97 American Splendor: Odds & Ends nn (24) Dec-97 American Splendor: transAtlantic Comics nn (25) Jul-98 American Splendor: Terminal nn (26) Sep-99 American Splendor: Bedtime Stories nn (27) Jun-00 American Splendor: Portrait nn (28) Apr-01 American Splendor: Unsung Hero 1 (29) Aug-02 American Splendor: Unsung Hero 2 (30) Sep-02 American Splendor: Unsung Hero 3 (31) Oct-02 American Splendor 1 (32) Nov-06 American Splendor 2 (33) Dec-06 American Splendor 3 (34) Jan-07 American Splendor 4 (35) Feb-07 American Splendor 1 (36) Jun-08 American Splendor 2 (37) Jul-08 American Splendor 3 (38) Aug-08 American Splendor 4 (39) Sep-08 Set created.
  2. Please, Set: Goon (Complete) Books: Goon #1 Albatross 2019 (Cert # 1609233001) Goon 20th Anniversary Edition Tour Exclusive #1 Albatross 2019 (Cert # 1609233002) Goon 20th Anniversary Edition Silver Foil Party Edition #1 Albatross 2019 (Cert # 1609233003) Goon Special Edition #1 Kevin Nowlan Variant Cover Albatross 2019 (1609234008) Thanks
  3. Please add the following book to this set: Set: Madman (Complete) Book: Caliber Presents #15 (cert # 0990846003) Thanks
  4. Please add the following book to the following set: Set: Hellboy (Complete) Book: Hellboy And The B.P.R.D. 1953 #1, Dark Horse Comics, 10/15 (Cert# 2036299012) Thanks
  5. Please add the following. Thanks. Set: Madman (Complete) Book: Atomics #1 (Cert# 2004460009)
  6. Please add the following. Thanks Set: Hellboy (Complete) Book 1: CBLDF Presents: Liberty Comics 1 7/08 Image Comics (Cert# 2034641001) Book 2: Hellboy Winter Special nn 12/18 Dark Horse Comics Variant Cover (Cert# 2034641003) Book 3: Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. nn 2008 Dark Horse Comics (Cert#2034641010) Set: Concrete Book 1: A Decade of Dark Horse 4 10/96 Dark Horse Comics (Cert#2034641005)
  7. Hi, Please add the following.Thanks: Set: Hellboy (Complete) Book: Hellboy: Comic Con Breda 2010 nn 2010 Dark Horse Comics (Cert# 2032670009) This book has been added. And I'm sorry... I had to re-alphabetize the set... it was a hot mess in there.
  8. Please add the following book. Set: American Splendor (1976) Book: American Splendor Terminal (cert #2007085013) Book: American Splendor #v2 #1 (cert #2023078011) These books do not appear to be part of the 1976 American Splendor Series.
  9. i agree. It may just be a case of the grader not pushing a button to export the data for display on the customer screen. The data may still be available.
  10. Thanks. I know I have veered off-topic a bit. Do you know what tools CGC inspectors use? Do they use the naked eye or do they use magnifier? Do they use certain lighting or inspection boards? I'd also like to know why type of training and testing a qualified inspector has to have. How many books can they inspect in one day? Is the process performed by a written procedure that keeps them on track with checking everything and performing certain tasks; e.g. entering grader notes.
  11. Please forgive my ignorance, but you mentioned "a power 10 loop." What is it?
  12. Please add the following book. Set: American Splendor (1976) Book: American Splendor Bedtime Stories (cert #2009661001) This one shot doesn't appear to be part of the 1976 American Splendor Series.
  13. Hi, Please add the following book. The description on the book's label may be the same as another books in this set. There are 2016, 2017 & 2018 Winter Specials with a few variants of each. Set: Hellboy (Complete) Book: Hellboy Winter Special #nn (Cert# 2018801023 This is the Tim Sale 2016 Winter Special) Thanks Please disregard. An administrator fixed the issue. Thanks
  14. Hi, Please make a Conan (Dark Horse Complete) set. Option A: There are five current competitive sets that could be used to start this. Conan The Barbarian (Dark Horse 2012) Conan The Frazetta Cover Series Conan The Cimmerian (#1 - #6) Conan The Cimmerian (#6 - #25) Conan #0 - #50 (2004) Option B: The last set that is listed above, Conan #0 - #50 (2004), has stretched beyond that defined set of books. I suggest just changing the title of the set. I went with Option A. Either way, thanks in advance.