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  1. Can we add the "(King Black) Gwenom vs. Carnage" to the set listings?
  2. Can we add the "(King Black) Gwenom vs. Carnage" to the set listings?
  3. Can we go ahead and start up a "KING IN BLACK GWENOM VS CARNAGE" collection/registry? Hello @ParadoxTremors, Please post all set requests in the applicable 2021 thread. This thread is for slot additions only. Please be sure to provide details as to the exact set name and exact books. I do not see this run in the system. Thank you
  4. Can You add Batman #103 to the rebirth set. Thank-you.
  5. Can we add to the MAGNIFICENT MS MARVEL set? I have issue 10 and 11 I would like to add (Thank-you for ignoring my request). @ParadoxTremors Slots added. I am not sure what you are referring to in the highlighted area?
  6. Can you update “Umbrella Academy” set to include “The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion” please. Thank-you. Added per a previous request. Thank you
  7. Can you update “Umbrella Academy” set to include “The Unbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion” please. Thank-you. All available slots created. Thank you
  8. Could you please update "Valkyrie: Jane Foster" because I need a place to put the "Valkyrie Jane Foster #6 2020 Variant CGC" I just bought. Thank-you in advance. Slot Created. Thank you
  9. Can we start a collection set for this "Icon-Tigra" (See Below)? I have the 1st and 3rd issue ready to be put in. It's been a long time coming finding these two graded. Please post all set requests in the "2020 This set doesn't exist please build thread" below.
  10. Can you please expand the "Magnificent Ms Marvel" set. I have a couple of issues I need to add. Thank-you in advance. Slots added. Thank you
  11. Can I get this added to the "White Widow (2018)" set. I need to post this to my set. Thank-you. Slot Created. Thank you
  12. Can you Please add this to my white widow collection? I have tried several times to place in the set but it refuses to take. Thank-you for your assistance. According to the cert verification tool, this is the standard issue book (with the Holofoil Logo notation) and can be placed into the White Widow 1 slot. This slot is available in the set and can be used. Thank you
  13. Will you be adding “I Make Boys Cry # 1” to the White Widow (2018) set since it is part 2 of the Widow’s storyline? I know CGC does not make a set for a 1-shot comic and would like to have it placed in the set to complete the 2-part storyline for my collection. Thank-you for considering my request.
  14. Can you please add White Widow #2 Anna Dittman Foil Logo Variant Absolute Comics (CGC#2082534017; I want to add my copy to my collection) to the White Widow (2018) set...…………...Thank-you for adding this. Thank-you.
  15. "War of Realms New Agents of Atlas"--I would appreciate if a set of this be started/created or be directed to where this is included in a "set." Thank-you in advance for your time and effort. This set has been added. Please note this is still a one-person show despite what expectations have been given. Among my numerous tasks, I do run behind and apologize for the delay but also appreciate your patience. Still...nothing?