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  1. Artgerm, Kunkka, and Chew are all part of the Comic ConLine event.
  2. Rocket Comics and Dark Phoenix Comics are both having a private Jim Lee Signing.
  3. Mike Zeck is doing a signing through Alpha Omega Certification Services.
  4. Joe Madureira Mark Millar Artgerm (Private Signing Announced) Ed Brubaker
  5. If you're only asking about the private signings at CGC Headquarters, I don't have any experience with that. However, except explainable lower grades (dropped at Cons while getting signatures or accidents when cracking books), I've only had grade lowered on two or three occasions, the interesting thing is that I've probably had the same amount of time where the grade is increased unexplainably.
  6. Good Stuff. You should have also gotten Dan Green on Uncanny 221 and 244, he was sharing a table with John Romita, Jr. I'm also assuming you opted not to go for Liefeld on New Mutants 98, because of his pricey signing fee for that book. That John Timms sketch is great.
  7. How have the witness lines for CGC and the lines in artist alley been? I'm heading there Sunday and expecting madness.
  8. He will also be at Great Philadelphia Comic Con. I believe that @Kevlar is taking submissions. He is awesome to work with and I recommend him as a facilitator.
  10. Based on the original post, the assumption is that we're talking about unsigned Blue Label books. Yes, if the books have been previously signed and are gold label, you shouldn't crack them yourself. If they are blue labels and unsigned, you can crack them yourself.
  11. A couple of additional things you should know. First, Claremont charges a signing fee of $20 per book for anything getting graded (don't know yet if he raised his price for 2020 - some artists/writers raise their prices every year). So keep that in mind when you are budgeting. Second, Claremont is usually one of the creators with whom CGC does private signings with at cons. Although they haven't announced it officially, at every 2019 convention that both he and CGC were at, CGC had a private signing with him. So in those instances, you have to drop off your books IN WINDOW BAGS with the appropriate signing fee in cash to submit directly to the CGC booth. This is a positive and a negative. The negative is that you don't get to actually meet him (he is an awesome guy and you get to have a meaningful interaction with him because he likes to talk to his fans). The positive is that because the likes to talk to his fans, his line moves really really slow and gets really really long and you avoid the very long wait for his signature. Third, the books will not be graded and slabbed at the convention. They are taken back to Florida where they are graded and slabbed and will be shipped to you when completed. Fourth, while they are willing to crack open slabbed books for you at the booth, even for blue labels, it is a long process and for 17 books, the people at the booth will not appreciate it at all. The lines are very long and you are probably better of cracking the books yourself if you are dealing with such a high number of slabs. With that being said, it can be very tricky, so be very careful cracking the slabs and taking the books out and bagging them into window bags. I've gotten a bunch of Claremont graded signatures before both through the private signings and in-person signings. So if you have any specific questions, feel free to hit me up with a direct message and hopefully I'll have the answer.
  12. For C2E2, if I'd like to get a reholder, either to correct a mechanical error or to get one of the new custom labels. Is that something I can do as part of the onsite grading, even if there would be no grading? Would the pricing be different? Would the time deadlines be different since it would take less time as no re-grading would be done or needed?