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  1. This might be the crown jewel of my collection!!!
  2. Any Facilitators going to the Big Apple Christmas Con?
  3. Yes. Link below to their events in 2020.
  4. Anyone from New York Comic Con see their submissions appear on their tracking yet? I'm sure there were a ton of submissions and it will take a lot of time to get them imputed, but I'm just curious.
  5. FYI - John Romita, Jr. is also listed as a guest for Comic Con Revision in Ontario, Canada scheduled for May 16-17, 2020. Also, he is one of the nicest creators I've ever met and he donates the proceeds from his signings to St. Jude's Children's hospital. The guys is a class act.
  6. The only facilitator that I know of that is going is Desert Wind Comics.
  7. That Billy Ray Cyrus book is hilarious! I just checked the CGC Census and there are three graded/slabbed copies. So there are three people out there in the world that decided that they were going to preserve this gem of a book. Good for them!
  8. Damn!!! That's f- - k ing AWESOME!!!!
  9. JohnnySnyder can correct me if I'm mistaken or I missed anything, but you should bring a window bag for every book you are submitting for the Claremont Signature(s) even if the book is already slabbed. Once CGC cracks it, they will need the bag. Make sure to have your name and CGC account number on the backing board.
  10. I had a similar train of thought. If I legally change my name to Jack Kirby and start signing comic books would CGC witness and mark the books as "Signed by Jack Kirby?"
  11. Any predictions on who will be featured on the Artgerm Variant to the upcoming New Mutants #1 in November?
  12. Just got this back from CGC. This will get a prominent place on my wall.
  13. Generally 9.6 and 9.8 don't get grader notes. I've only gotten grader notes on some 9.4's, but not always. I tend to see grader notes for books that are 9.2 and lower.