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  1. Not a win on my part. Sadly I could't spend too much and my max bid was beaten by $10. But whoever won this got a steal on a fantastic book. The comic was pretty nicely hidden in the pictures and only visible on the last picture. I thought I was the only one who had noticed it, but sadly there was another.
  2. Wow! Awesome book! Congrats on such a high grade. I could only dream of such a copy
  3. I don't see anything better then a FN, most looked VG at best. and that's off of the ebay photos. It just seems like a heck of a premium for raw books off eBay.
  4. Can someone explain this to me? $697?! Somethin has got to be wrong.
  5. First Chronos! Awesome. I've always loved this cover even if it doesn't feature it's newest Super Villain.
  6. I'm not sure about this. Maybe I can understand your point from a writing perspective, although I do greatly enjoy Garnder Fox's DC Work. But in terms of impact, DC had a HUGE impact that can be seen today. They're responsible for the resurgence of Superheroes with Showcase 4. Hugely popular Characters like Barry Allen and Hal Jordan started in the Silver Age. Sure Barry Allen and Hal Jordan had the same superhero name as their GA counterparts, but they were far from just rehashes. The silver age made those characters. As far as art is concerned I favor DC much more than anything put out by Marvel. Kubert, Anderson, G Kane, Fradon, Cardy are just a few artists that do indeed stack up and (IMO) surpass both Kirby and Ditko. I will say tho I've never been a fan of Kirby. I think currently it is difficult to compare DC and Marvels SA impact in the industry because everything is being overshadowed by the MCU. Marvel is very popular now, but that was not the case 15 years ago. 15 years ago DC and Marvel SA books were at fairly similar prices, because at that time both companies had a similar amount of popularity. Sometimes DC is more popular, sometimes Marvel. But I think there will always be a balance between the two. Don't think the hype from the MCU will last forever.
  7. Thanks, I agree this seems like a gross over-grade. I know that CGC is sometimes more lenient with GA books but this seems pretty crazy to me. I always thought a detached CF brought a book down to at least a 5.0 or a 4.0.
  8. It's been going up for a while. Heck, I picked up a copy for $40 in 2016 and the book has skyrocketed since then. I'm just amazed at the price the book is going for, and I doubt it will go down. It's time SA DC keys got the attention they deserved.
  9. I feel like this grade would make a little more sense if the book was say a NM copy other than the detached CF. But the book barely looks like a 7.0 even if the CF was attached, I really don't get it. My question is why didn't the book have the detached CF noted in the original slab? Was it even detached then, or could it have come detached during the pressing? (I may have missed if this was answered)
  10. I recently came across a centerfold for Superman No. 17. Just trying to find someone out there who might have a 0.5 that could use a centerfold, or who might need one for restoration/conservation purposes. Let me know if anyone knows someone who could use the centerfold. Thanks.
  11. I've retraced bids before for entering in a wrong amount, but eBay has never let me cancel a bid within 12 or 24 hrs (I can't remember which) of the auction ending. So I'm not quite sure what happened.
  12. I only slab a book if I plan on selling it or if I want a signature authenticated. Sadly, CGC only witnesses sigs and won't authenticate them, so I use the "other guys" for authentication. I would probably just wait until you plan on selling the book(s), and then slab it.
  13. While not my favorite artist, I really didn't mind him on Flash or Batman. Maybe not GREAT, but pretty good.
  14. Not Jim Aparo's best cover, but some great Irv Novick interiors: