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  1. I do understand this, and I don't think that AC 260 will ever be worth as much as SC 22. I only said this because I do think that Green Lantern and Aquaman are comparable in terms of popularity (Lantern has the edge). And Aquaman not on the cover does hurt. However I do consider it a hard reboot more akin to GL, Flash, Atom, and Hawkman. I understand why some wouldn't, however (I don't know if you have) if you read his origin in MF 73 and then AC 260. It does seem like a hard reboot. For instance WW/Supes/Batman didn't change their origins greatly, they didn't change their names drastically, nor their powers, and they sure as heck didn't change species. Aquaman did all 4 of these things going into the Silver Age which is why I consider it a full on reboot. People really just aren't aware of this. Which has led to some ignorance concerning Aquaman's SA and GA versions in the comic community. But I do think if people read these two comics and really do their research the market may change. P.S. I have had plenty of discussions concerning this book in the past if you wanted to do anymore reading
  2. Just picked up this book for a killer price...
  3. Not bad, eh? I don't buy any Pre-Hero Marvel (or Marvel for that matter), I know its a deal, I just don't know how much of a deal it is. Does anyone who collects this kind of stuff know what this book would go for? (looks to be 3.0-3.5) Thanks.
  4. Awesome books. I recently finished SA runs of both the Atom and Hawkman. Working on Aquaman, love these books.
  5. Any news on what happened?
  6. Adventure Comics #260, the First Appearance of the Silver Age Aquaman. For a huge character like Aquaman, in a book that should be on par w/ Showcase 22 or at least Showcase 30 (the book that is often mistaken as said key), its price is ridiculous. You can pick up a low grade copy for around $50-70, and a mid grade for about $100-150.
  7. DC fans don't. Its just a gimmick, and I never did like the more modern art juxtaposed with a SA or GA book.
  8. It's a good sign for BA books. Maybe some of the dip in SA could be explained via a slight market shift to BA books.
  9. ALWAYS. Adventure Comics 260. It's the first appearance of the SA Aquaman. There is some controversy surrounding this comic, as some (including cgc) don't recognize it as such, however plenty of sites do like It should be on par with Showcase 22, however because of some discrepancy it is not. I recently picked up a 2.0 for only $19. Tho it might run you more around 40-50 FMV. Other awesome SA DC books on the cheap end. There are a ton more especially if you want to spend a little more $$$. These are just some I really like and was able to afford. Adventure Comics 269 - 1st Aqualad B&B 29-30 - 2nd and 3rd JLA B&B 34 - 1st SA Hawkman SC 34 - 1st SA Atom SC 37 - 1st Metal Men Supes 123 - 1st Supergirl prototype Aquaman 1, 11, 29, 35 - more important with movie, but still relatively cheap Hawkman 4 - 1st Zatanna Strange Adventures 180 - 1st Animal Man Strange Adventures 205 - 1st Deadman JLA 75 - 1st SA Black Canary B&B 54 - 1st Teen Titans B&B 57 - 1st Metamorpho SC 60 - 1st SA Spectre House of Mystery 160 - 1st SA Plastic Man SC 73 - 1st Crepper (Ditko) Mr Miracle/New Gods/Forever People 1 - 1st of all respective Kirby characters Jimmy 134 - 1st Darkseid (cameo)
  10. Awesome story to read. Love those insights into the past on comics. P.S. 300th post, woo!
  11. An awesome panel. I loved it when they started bringing back all the old GA characters.
  12. I'm sorry to bother any more of you. I just wanted to bring to light a comment @bocabill made. I did not see this as it was an edit. I just feel this should be made known as this site is no place for that kind of comment. We all love comics here. Let's try to remain civil.
  13. I'm not trying to sell anything. Someone asked if I had books. I responded yes and showed some pics. They asked because I mentioned Hawkman, not because any buying or selling was to happen. I have no intention nor ever will have to sell those books. Just chill. I guess by your logic no other books or characters may even be mentioned unless on their respective forums. One shouldn't even mention the JSA in consideration to this book. May we discuss The Kid Flash? I don't believe the thread is titled "Kid Flash collectors thread." Look I didn't just come in here and post random books, someone asked if I had certain comics. I showed them what I had because I'm proud of my collection. There is no reason to be indignant or butt-hurt. Moderators moderate what needs to be moderated. Someone posting a few slightly off-topic books is not worthy of any moderating. Have you read many other threads on this site? I'm sorry to those that want to actually discuss comics that a pointless discussion has been created from this. I will refrain from responding anymore to whatever @bocabill feels needs to be said as to no longer prolong a pointless dialogue, and as I said in my original post...
  14. Interesting. I'm not aware of the acronym GCD. What does it stand for? Regardless here is issue 40...