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  1. Some books I picked up all at my local flea market, for some great prices. Thor 165, 4.5 $70 Thor 390, 9.2 $1.75 Avengers Annual 10, 8.0 $10 Iron Man 126, 6.0 $3 Moon Knight 1, 4.5 $5 As I'm not a huge marvel guy I'll probably trade/sell these books.
  2. I first start by collecting some keys. For example if I was collecting SA Marvel keys (which I never would) I would end up buying Iron Man #1, and possibly some other Iron Man keys as well and just some all-around filler books. From their I'd look at my collection and go, "Huh I could do an Iron man run," and then complete the run. One thing leads to another. That is how I completed my The Atom, Aquaman, and Hawkman runs. While I haven't put a ton of runs together. Putting one together is very satisfying. And I would much rather have say my Hawkman run then most of my other random DC SA keys.
  3. The modern artwork featured on the new labels juxtaposed with a classic SA comic and its art just looks bad. I'd never get one.
  4. Ya know I can actually get behind the perspective. Kirby's poses and the perspective he uses in said cover above are actually pretty cool and unique. However, what really turns me off is his overbearing shading and geometric feel. Take a look at (what I assume is) the guard. His face is just a rectangle, a slight curve on top, and 3 lines to close it on the bottom. His nose is entirely straight lines, and extremely blocky. This style is applied to both BP and the man in the background. The woman's face is one of the better looking as it isn't anywhere as rigid, for if it where it wouldn't look like a woman. Now this style can be used for certain characters and be fine in order to establish a feel to those characters, however when it is applied to almost all characters (and all art for that matter) it just becomes brash and overbearing. When it comes to Kirby's shading we have very little actual "shading," he rather uses solid black blobs. This form of shading is used by other artists as well, ones I'm a fan of like Nick Cardy and Ramona Fradon. However it is used sparingly and in the right places. Look at the guards shirt. His ruffles in no way call for that much shading. Anyway this is just my humble opinion and if you're a huge Kirby fan then take all with a grain of salt.
  5. Hey I actually haven't met a lot of people who can stand that cover. But I respect all who can. Kirby's just not for me, I love and I'm all for people who like him. One think I can respect about him is he had a pretty obvious style and he stuck to it (opposed to artists like Dillin whose style changed at least every 5 years). I've also always loved Kubert and Murphy Anderson. Kubert, Murph and Kirby both have very obvious styles, but are almost all completely different. Kirby used hard straight dark lines usually for a very geometric-esc feel. Kubert is also almost the exact opposite using long thin and often wavy lines. Murphy is more geometrical similar to Kirby, but uses almost exclusively a ton of small short lines which create very intricate and detailed characters. Kirby also had a unique way of shading, almost always using solid black shapes rather then a lot of small short lines as Murph, Kubert, Swan, and pretty much every other artist used.
  6. I've never been a fan of Jack Kirby's art. I've always found his art in a way brash. Of his DC work New Gods has to be his best as it's the series that seems to lend itself best to Kirby's style. Mister Miracle doesn't feel right without Kirby, however most inner panels at least in issue 1 look pretty bad. The inker could be to blame, but I just really can't get behind any work Kirby did in the 70s. I just find his style ugly and overbearing. Just take a look at his BP #1 cover and tell me you don't want to vomit.
  7. I pressed spine rolls out of a couple books using an iron, and although everyone here thought I was dumb, it did work! (I also ruined one books as well, nothing of value tho) I wouldn't actually recommend it, just something fun I tried.
  8. Love the DC wall, especially that bottom row with Spectre, Hawkman and Atom. I would highly recommend picking up copies of B&B/SC 34 for Hawkman and The Atom's first app respectively. And if you need more room, just chuck the Marvel wall. No one cares about SA Marvel anyway. But seriously some awesome books, always love seeing people having these awesome SA DC keys.
  9. Just a quick analyzation of this scene: The blue milk I assume is supposed to be a reference to the blue milk Aunt Beru pours in Episode 4, yes? If so is this movie trying to tell me that Aunt Beru intergalactically imports blue sea-lard milk from the most "unfindable" planet in the galaxy? I think not.
  10. Not bad for $15. Low grade copies are pretty cheap even now. I'm thinking of picking up another copy if prices start to go up with the new TV show out. And hopefully I can find a copy of HOS 92 someday.
  11. None of my local comic stores buy graded books, and only one that I know sells them. In one store where the owner uses a 2016 OSPG to value his books (mentioned above), the owner has been collecting for many years, and simply doesn't trust 3rd party grading. And for that reason only buys and sells raw, something I can definitely respect for a guy who 3rd party grading is fairly recent, ie. last 15-ish years.
  12. Was at a comic store I don't usually buy from, and found an unpriced book with no bag/board sitting in a stack of comics. (it was Shazam! 27) I figured the owner would give it to me for $1-$5 as it wasn't in the best grade, and hadn't even been priced. The owner then proceeds to look the book up on eBay for 10 mins, before slapping a $25 price tag on the book! After that I decided I'd go back to my regular comic store where the guy uses an outdated 2016 OSPG to value his books.