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  1. Off topic I thought it was pretty amazing two weeks after I was handed my commission it had article written around it by CBR. How often do you see that ? Just saying . I thought that was amazing .
  2. I’ve learned a thing or two about art and acquiring tough to find artists . I don’t care about published art. You know why? Most of the pages are hot dog fillers . They suck . Anything worthy or a big splash is fought over by deep pocket buyers not fans ( at least not many ) . These people are the ones driving prices up . So if you want to talk pages start another thread I can guarantee I won’t be there ok pal!
  3. Says who? Nobody on here is art comic art expert yet people are listening to themselves fart in a mirror dumping their opinions on a thread for commissions. None of it make sense to me. Get over it buy what you like . I clearly don’t give a mess
  4. I would imagine he can do anything he wants if it’s his art. I have no say in that . It would be amazing to see one day. You never know what can happen or what Marvel might do . Jim being so involved with DC I won’t hold my breath . I’m very happy to have this
  5. Where is proof that happens? It’s not a new car leaving the lot . I can guarantee my Lee piece did not lose value when it was done . I was actually offered more than I paid as I doubt very much Jim will ever do a redo of a redo. HTF artists get premium money and the longer the wait lists or older they get the more people want them . I never wanted to wait decades to be able to buy a specific character by a specific artist. When the chance came up I went for it . I have no regrets . I’m very comfortable in my art pieces ( all Commissions)I’m 100% going to get my money back When the time comes . No doubt!
  6. He really is a fantastic artist . I’ll give my two cents on what I’ve seen on Esad. If he loves what he is painting the result will be stunning . Try and get a piece at a lower consumer event so he can focus on fewer pieces and you can get the best art you can. Obviously everyone wants a gem but if I’m an artist and people start showing up to my booth with cash , things change. Time per piece will taper off as well as quality . Esad also gives you more bang for your buck with 2 figures piece as price goes up so does quality . In the end it really is hit and miss sometimes . At the NYCC he dis my piece on day 1 and I believe it may have been one first pieces he did which really helped my cause before more money started pouring in .
  7. Just finished @ NYCC 2019 by Esad Ribic hommage to cover of Fantastic Four # 6 1st Marvel Villain team up Dr. Doom & Namor the Submariner
  8. Sorry I misread these are commissions I want . From any venue
  9. This turned out amazing . I know he’s my rival aquatic hero but congrats on this
  10. Event high he doesn’t do convention commissions it has to be Alex Ross. Notables would be Clayton Crain , Art Adams, Marc Silvestri