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  1. I think the high grades 9.6-9.8 are keepers and those grades are plentiful . I’d cash out if you’re not attached to them .
  2. Angel does incredible work and he never cuts corners on his commissions . Super great guy . I enjoy my Spiderman pieces everyday from him . Congrats
  3. A 9.6 sold in auction for 1625.00 US so not sure how to gauge the 9.8. Very hard to come by who knows what someone might pay I’m thinking not quite 6K. Not yet
  4. Boom.....Go collect has not had sale of this one in years and puts a big value on it . Thoughts ? This one below is on eBay as we speak
  5. These prices don’t make sense to me especially the Adventures book????? I have to ask what is going on there ?
  6. One of my most wanted comics being a life long Subby fan and without a doubt in my mind the first app of Namor. Some may not care that’s cool .
  7. Looking for a cgc 9.8 of this exact copy . Please PM if you can help
  8. I’m pretty sure Peter said he’s done with that . Never say never but it may be a long wait
  9. Or if you get tired of it I’d gladly take it
  10. I agree on desirability and when I say handcuff I get offered overstreet guide value for some of the late 40s books which to me is nuts as overstreet imo is an obsolete tool. Prices don’t reflect market . These don’t come up often so even referring to GPA I don’t think I get fair market offers it’s based off an old sale or nothing at all . WW2 covers I can’t afford to collect but I put some effort in Subbys because I’m close to a complete run . I don’t think that happens everyday as some of these books took a while to find and sooooo much luck at times. I def want to see w
  11. Noted . I knew this about the Subbys and I always dreamed of completing them as it’s more rewarding . The problem I have is price point . The AF 15 has climbed to almost unattainable levels even in 2-2.5 . I’ve been outbid on almost every Submariner timely since December so the market and money has def shifted leaving me with what I have and no means to buy at the moment . Chances are I’ll hold Submariners but I’m still trying to understand how certain collectors down play issues after 1945 .
  12. Weird question but an honest one . Are non WW2 covers that much more undesirable than its counterpart even if the book may be rarer . I’ve been debating lately if I should break my submariner run up to buy a big silver key like AF15 but have held off because I know I’d never get the books again . most people I talk to try and handcuff me in that they always use non WW2 cover as less desirable and think it should come with big price drops???? Any thoughts or advice ? Currently I have 14-42 of the Subby run and all the books are cgc blue in various grades