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  1. I think this series is way underrated. Once Subby hits the silver screen, I think they'll really take off. I picked up issues 1-10 in the last two years.
  2. Mail call. Been after this one for a while now. Upgrading from a restored 3.0.
  3. Wasn't "The Dentist" copy originally the one in the Edgar Church Collection discovered in 1977? If so, I understand that The Dentist bought his high-grade copy from a Sparkling City Comics sale of Mile High Comics in 1984? Do I have this info right?
  4. Not bad. I picked this copy up a year and a half ago for a song.
  5. Does anyone besides me think that it's a good idea to grab the first appearance of Metamorpho in Brave And The Bold #57? I think it's seriously undervalued, considering how popular the character is. If a movie does ever come out on this character, considering that he first appeared way back in 1965, I think it'll shoot up like a rocket. I mean, it's not like the first appearance of Venom or Wolverine, where there's a million copies of those comics floating around. 1965 is somewhat scarce, especially in better condition. Ideas?
  6. Wow. Nice book. A 4.0 is out of my budget, much less a 6.0. I hope you can make it happen.
  7. Working to complete my Sub-Mariner run. Adding issues #4-7. I'm probably halfway there.
  8. " CGC census 10/19: 118 in 9.8, 1 higher." According to the info at the link, there is one 10.0 Hulk #181 graded by CGC. I wonder what that would sell for.
  9. Honestly, for that price would you rather have a Hulk 181 (even a 9.8) or a 5.0 Amazing Fantasy #15?
  10. How do you do that? I'd like to see what people are actually paying vs. what outrageous prices people are asking.
  11. What's the best price these days online for a GS X-Men #1 in a 4.0 or higher? I haven't seen one for less than $1200.
  12. What is CGC using - a microscope? I can't believe the microscopic issues I see would drive it all the way down to an 8.0.
  13. $269.00. I thought it was a good deal to be the third issue of Strange Tales.
  14. It must have sold already. I don't see a 5.5 listed currently on eBay. Did it say how much it was selling for?
  15. Would you happen to have a World Of Fantasy #16 4.0 or higher? Hard to find.
  16. Shoulda waited! There's one for $8.98 there now.
  17. I read in a Facebook group that this book seemed to be stories of disgruntled artists/writers at Marvel taking pot-shots at Stan Lee and others. Kind of like a "here's the seamy underside Marvel doesn't want to you know" kind of thing. I hope it's not the case.
  18. I thought I would mention that this edition of Overstreet Price Guide (#10) has a significant section in it of the history of Atlas Comics and its implosion (featuring all the pre-hero titles). It was very interesting reading. I had this guide once, years ago, and lost it. It took me forever to find which one exactly had this story (they don't exactly advertise the write-ups in them). This guide should be readily available on eBay.
  19. So what's the highest graded Marvel Comics #1 and who owns it? I'd also be curious as to how often one of these comes up for sale. It can't be that often considering its rarity. Back in the late 70s, it held the top spot in Overstreet's price guide - $10,000! Wow!