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  1. Hello--hope everyone is staying safe even as restaurants have opened for outdoor seating again here in LA. I'm new to the forums, so can anyone direct me to find a Silver Surfer 18 signed by Stan? Much obliged--thanks!
  2. Hi--my sincere and way overdue apology for not having seen your in-depth post! I don't know how I missed it and only upon surfing the web today did my own original post come up again. Thank you so much for your excellent breakdown!
  3. Is anyone aware of a Stan Lee signed Silver Surfer 18 available? I would be much obliged to repay the favor of finding one. Thanks, JG
  4. If anyone is still watching this topic, any new word on an MCU -script in development?
  5. Hi--I haven't checked the census to see how many Silver Surfer 18 comics signed by Stan Lee there are in the world, though I love this issue. I will generously thank the person who can lead me to a fair deal on one. Thanks for any referrals and for being on the lookout! JG
  6. Hi--I don't have those two for you, though you can take a look at my ebay store and check out other Trimpe Hulks. You can find me at jgsantamonica. JG
  7. I'm assuming a high grade will draw a top price. This is for my personal collection even as I divest of other parts. This is my first post, so I will circle back after further reading. Thanks!