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  1. I really enjoyed both of the Hercules minis and Machine Man.
  2. I get where you are coming from, but I gotta tell ya. I'm honestly not seeing to many kids in my son's elementry school with their own devices or credit card acess to pay for digital. Some might have the ability to access it ,but many do not. Plus they need that initial exposure to the product. When I was a child we had The Hulk on TV ,Superman in theaters ,but it wasn't until a few years later when i walked into a 7eleven and discovered these wonderful, afordable, fun books which captivated my imagination. How do kids just stumble across digital comics to get their first experience ?
  3. If they were smart , they would do everything in their power to get comics distributed to more mainstream locations. In my town here in the edge of the Bay Area, there is no place at all to buy comics. The grocery store here used to sell comics but went with a different distributer about 5 years ago . Every time a book fair is held at the schools here, they are packed with kids wanting to buy reading material.
  4. I saw something simular to this description when I was young and just starting out collecting. Fantastic Four #52, it was $7.00 at a Comics&Comics in the SF Bay Area. I wish I bought it.
  5. Huh, I guess I should trust my instincts more. I was feeling Star Wars because of the amount printed, and how many ended up in collectors hands because of affordability through the years, and looking at the date CGC was founded corelates with the resurgence of popularity for Star Wars.
  6. This right here! Robinsons Starman was a amazing run, with many interesting characters. Hell, the Shade alone has a great story.
  7. Oh man I loved my Peanuts viewmaster. I had the projector set, and I would present shows to my sister and cousin.
  8. And I can't forget about this guy, with his rigamortis condition.
  9. I also remember this fella hanging out in my toybox for awhile. Suckerman
  10. Not my picture but i wish it was. The Six Million Dollar Man - Venus Space Probe was a absolute favorite of mine. Now mine is lost to the ages.
  11. oompfh! That is....hmmm. I would think if the first Hobgoblin is this popular, then certain books like Peter Parker , Spectacular Spider-Man #85 where he gets his augmented strength, the PPSSM # (cant recall the issue # at the moment) with the 1st Roderick Kingsley, or the Hobgoblin Lives mini would garner more attention.
  12. 1) The Fantastic Four 2) Spider-Man 3) Ant-Man 4) Iron Man 5) Hulk