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  1. 4 raw books arrived quickly, safely and properly graded. Would easily deal with Derek again. Thanks a ton!
  2. As a Canadian, the shipping costs are a bit frustrating....it is actually cheaper for me to ship a couple of comics from Ontario to California than it is to ship across our own country. The experience I have had purchasing in Canada is the same as the US sellers. Some know how to grade, some not so much. That said...I still don't understand why some US sellers list "do not ship outside of the US" when we are obviously use to overspending on shipping costs. If we are willing to pay for our shipping, then why not make the sale? Also, I love the shipping is included in the US, cost outside of the US...why not give us the little savings you are giving the US buyers and knock off $5-$6 off our shipping? Sigh...
  3. Definitely...they are pretty cool and they did seem really sturdy. Also, it still allows you to read and look through the actual book still! I am sure there will be one comic “historian” who would want to add this into their cave!
  4. I remember those! I always thought it seemed crazy expensive to just put one book in... funny how times have changed! GLWTS
  5. I ended up getting to whole run over time as well. Just got the final issue about 2 months ago...some mid 160s issue. Just picked up the tpb set of Dark Horse stories plus the whole set of Savage Sword tpbs. Lots of reading ahead. Looking back at that price guide, I remember seeing that exact guide back then and making lists of the comics I really wanted. So then, yeah...I bought that Conan 1.... but had some winners from that list as well. More luck though as I was filling in runs
  6. I remember saving money from my paper route for weeks as a young kid to get my first expensive comic. Chose a Conan 1..... yeah.... wise investment. Still have it. The guy, who was the main comic dealer here at the time, would put the price in pencil on the top of the back cover. Spend $48 at the time... I also remember that Dazzler 1 coming out around then... my first speculation... bought 5! Early lessons of comic collecting...
  7. They fill some holes and make for some nice upgrades! Looking forward to getting them!