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  1. Ouch man. Hopefully eBay handles this swiftly for you.
  2. After you break it down that way it's not worth trying to CGC it. I'll just keep it and maybe look to buy a version already graded. Definitely a learning experience. I appreciate everyone's comments too, ty.
  3. Was wondering if I could get some opinions on this comic cover. If its worth while to send in for grading. I don't think a press will help because it looks like a issue during production. You mainly notice these lines from the side.
  4. Does anyone know where Ed Brubaker will be for a signing?
  5. I found that the first appearance is in Black Panther #4 in 1999. Is this the only one? If Winter Soldier becomes White Wolf, will they make another comic for his 1st appearance or use this book? Thanks!
  6. Ah ok. I was trying to do some research before I attempt to buy a comic lol. Do certain ones hold more value or are more rare?
  7. Hello, I was wondering how many different cover variations of of Thor #337 there is? I've seen 2 so far. One with a bar code in the bottom left corner and another has spiderman? Thank you!
  8. I appreciate the information from everyone. Do you guys have a preference for this comic?
  9. I'm new to collecting comics, so I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question. On " The Amazing Spider-Man #361" first appearance of Carnage. The bottom left of the book, one issue has a barcode and another has 30th anniversary of spider-man. I believe the earlier prints came with the 30th anniversary image, the other came out later on when they shipped to stores ect. How much does this matter for collecting? Is one more rare than the other? Thank you!
  10. Oh ok, I didn't realize that. Thank you for the information!
  11. Would like to find these in a NM+ grade. PM me with what you might have and price. Thank you. 1) The Incredible Hulk #418 & #419 2) Quasar #32 (1st Appearance of Korath The Pursuer) 3) Captain America #8, (1st Appearance of Bron-Char) 4) Captain Marvel #16 (1st Cameo of Phyla Vell) 5) Captain Marvel #17 (1st Full Appearance of Phyla Vell) 6) Avengers #346 (1st Appearance of Starforce)