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  1. Once more unto the breach... Thanks to those that commented on my Mazz lamentations and provided their suggestions and advice, was most appreciated. With that said, looking for Wonder Woman examples from New Frontier.
  2. Stock markets have been on fire. I for one made multiple private offers, over the last few years, to folks on CAF with BA pages (after consulting with Felix on what amount to offer). The price we agreed to, back in December 2019, on yesterday's page was $12k (as a starting point). Made the offer, got zero response back. Meanwhile, same page ended up in Cristian collection, then recently sold, then you know the rest... Ends up on HA. I preemptively sold three pieces in anticipation of this auction. Raised an additional 12k. With the markets up, and extra cash raised I was confide
  3. I'm no expert, however, it seems to me what's considered "nostalgia" moves with the times. 60s and 70s starts to fall out of favor as 90s and 2000s begins to pick up. The next wave of collectors come of age, start to make that disposable income and begin to bid up their childhood stories. In my late 40s I came into this hobby four years ago, too late. My window is closing/closed and I spent my early years focused on more reasonably priced modern stuff.
  4. After the Mazz auction yesterday I think I'm done. Nothing modern or nostalgia feels attainable anymore. And I've wasted years.
  5. My worst collecting fear realized. Was a matter of time. Modern and nostalgia - it's all getting prohibitively expensive and too exclusive.
  6. Hope and perseverance. Whether it's my first page purchased ever: Tokyo Ghost where Debbie and Dent travel to,and see for the first time, New Tokyo. Or a cured Joker researching his legal options in the Arkham asylum prison. Or my last example were Aster is scavenging and rowing a rowboat through a flooded Parisian street. Also, strong women: Debbie from Tokyo Ghost Aster from Aster of Pan Cordelia from The Magic Order
  7. Focus more on nostalgia pieces - of which I have none. Continue to pick up quality art from great, current, runs that focus on great storytelling
  8. So I've got some pages by Olivier Coipel and Merwan. The Coipel are heavy inkwash and Merwan are watercolor. The pages are a bit warped because of the techniques used. Wondering if there is any special considerations in storing these pages. I have them in a portfolio at the moment, with other OA - should I keep them in individual sleeves to alleviate any pressure on the pages? Maybe I am overthinking this. Also, any thoughts on framing the art, since the pages are a bit warped I am not sure if they can be matted and framed the way a flat piece of OA would be. Happy New
  9. A take on a current CGC thread. Being relatively new, I'm curious to hear from folks that been at this for a long while. Does the desire to own a page or an example from an artist ever die out? Is there an example or artist you wanted - never managed to get - and now are okay (even happy) about it?
  10. Modern: Tradd Moore- never appreciated his style still SSB. PERFECT marriage of subject matter and artistic style and finally got to appreciate his sequential storytelling. Here's the rub, now while he's done many things only a SSB page can scratch that itch. Nostalgia: David Mazzucchelli Born Again - a supply side issue 😄 Mike Mignola - recent Comic Art Live #15 most everyone mentioned Mignola as an artist that isn't represented in their collection. Just haven't found/seen the piece that speaks to me. Doesn't even have to be HB. Darwyn Cooke- really want a New
  11. Tradd Moore SSB page David Mazzucchelli BA page Nice Mignola published example
  12. Walt Simonson was on a Drink and Draw where he explained selling his first piece of art, then he spent the cash and didn't have the cash or the art.
  13. Came to know the books a few years ago. Still looking for my first published piece to add to collection... Thanks for sharing, everyone
  14. Couldn't find any history on the majority: Issue 5 of Curse sold complete, the splash was up for sale by the owner on his website for 3,600 euro and sold for $6,600 on HA