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  1. Yes. Though - (after taking the plunge and adding a few things to my "want list") it seems the want list has zero visibility on CAF - not sure exactly how someone would go about trying to match up what they have to sell with potential buyers. Is the "work around" that people create a wish list folder in their galleries and then post images of what they want there? Seems counter to the whole idea that you post what you own.
  2. Thanks - between your comments on the buying side of things and @GotSuperPowers? comments on the selling side of things I will populate my wishlist . Let the Universe know what I am after
  3. I am contemplating populating my CAF wish list with items I am looking for. What has been your experience? Does populating your CAF wish list work? Does posting "WTB...." on the CGC boards work? My concern is this: once you let it be known you want the art - wont anyone with any intention of selling it look to sell it to you for a much higher premium? I assume I'll get maybe more opportunities to buy but also at a much higher cost. Curious what your experiences have been and what your thoughts are on using the CAF wish list or posting on CGC boards to hunt down art.
  4. Very true - I've pondered purchasing some art pieces - not because I really wanted the art but rather thinking/assuming I might be able to flip the art. But then I wonder if it's worth should be easier to find a better rate of return in the stock market and I'd hope my stock portfolio is outpacing my art portfolio and so if cash is really needed I can log onto my Ameritrade account - rather than start posting sales on CAF. I think collectors selling B-level art to fund an A-level purchase wasn't so much by design but an unintended positive consequence of the collectors cycle - no?
  5. I've not been at this hobby for very long. I think I lucked out with my first serious purchase, in 2015, being a cover, a splash page and a DPS - all from a current book I really enjoyed. One thing that struck me from early conversations with long-time collectors is that they all said they had a period where they over-bought lots of various art, followed by a period where they looked to zero in on a specific focus - resulting in pruning back large parts of the collection that didn't fit within the focus, as well as buying more strategically. I'd rather avoid the part of the collecting cycle that involves amassing too much art that in hindsight I could have done without. So I've only bought a piece or two each year - all current art. I've got a wishlist of art and artists that fall within the "nostalgia" category, and I've attempted to bid on a few pieces on HA - have yet to win though. I'd rather have one fabulous example of an artist or a character than a handful of b- level art. I feel if I can skip that middle part of the collecting life-cycle then I'll be better for it....patience! In the meantime I am obsessed with checking ComicLink, Heritage auctions, 2DG, and CAF - (and looking to attend more art conventions) always looking for what's out there....and that, for me, is just as fun, if not more-so than the acquisition itself.
  6. Yeah my fundamental understanding was way off ...I called HA. They admitted there isn't much of anything explaining the reserve system on the website. Per my conversation: everything does go to live auction. However if there is a reserve price (lets say $2,000) and prior to going live the winning bid is $1,999 - the system throws out all the bids under the reserve price. Also, all lots (I was told) initially get posted with same status: "Reserve (If Any) Will post on xx/xx/xxx xpm CT"
  7. If we logic that out one step further though, that variant cover - also on social media - can get the same clicks as the unpublished drawing - and isn't published always more desirable than unpublished (the way a regular cover is more desirable than a variant?)
  8. So the concept, based on my assumption, is simple enough. I assume if the art has a reserve price and that price is met before the reserve price deadline...then the art piece doesn't go to live auction and the hammer drops. Is that correct? If so, can HA change their minds on the artwork designated with a reserve price? I was tracking a few pieces in the current auction that had a 5/9 deadline at 7pm PT. When we got within a few hours of the deadline I noticed the artwork was changed to "no reserve" - feels sketchy. What am I missing?
  9. Brett Booth, for sure. I've purchased a handful of his Sketch Saturday artwork and I've seen finished/inked art in bins at conventions. The pencil work is so much better! His pencils remind me of Jim Lee. I'd love to see him ink his own work or have Scott WIlliams ink his lines.
  10. My father used to say, "measure twice, cut once" this case I measured about 5 dozen times and nailed once...or rather 7 times....lined up just about right.
  11. Tasked to narrow down each category to just 5 images was hard. I enjoyed looking at all the entries and appreciate all the art that was submitted.
  12. I was incredibly nervous the first time... but i had a long talk with the independent shop owner. He's been in town for almost 40 years and he used to live near Joe Kubert's house as a kid and would visit the Kubert home as a boy. He had the experience in framing and appreciation for OA that made me feel comfortable leaving my babies with him