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  1. Just a general statement that I would love to see the space the framed artwork occupies in the room
  3. As a newbie I enjoy these interviews with youngblood collectors.
  4. Yep @vodou nailed it. Here's a commission I picked up from Tim Virgil back in 1991. Your friends commission is Princess Zena Tragem, from his Indie comic Omen. Sorry for the loss.
  5. Beautiful! I may have to ask my framer about floating look!
  6. Checked out the site, on my phone, a few nights ago...and again today on PC. Just an FYI - cant sort or search by Artist. Good luck!
  7. I submitted an entry in the Covers category. It got 4 votes (thanks to those that took the time and found favor with my entry). I didn't vote for my own cover...there were so many other great entries. If I thought I deserved to be in the top 5 I'd vote for myself, but the submissions in all category were pretty great.
  8. Was nice to be able to scroll using next and previous, but load times were too long and no way to denote the page you'd like to vote for without having to then pull out and then find in drop down. Need to figure out a way to allow 5 pages to be selected and edited within current view without all the clunky back and forth. Ideally should be able to drag and drop an image and rather than have the names/ descriptions should show a thumbnail image.
  9. 2nd place in the published splash page, pinup category - honored and humbled. So much amazing artwork, was hard to narrow the categories down to only five. Thanks for all the hard work. Happy hunting in 2020.
  10. Recently followed up, circled back, with someone about a piece of art I was interested in buying from then. I'd asked a few times on various forums, I'd expected to get the typical Im-not-interested-in-selling response... instead was shocked to find out he'd sold it!!! He hadn't thought to reach out to me, because he first looked at email inquiries (I'd reached out on CAF and Twitter). So maybe another column to add to a spreadsheet is "Inquiries": Contact details on anyone who has expressed an interest in buying the art.
  11. This one flew under the radar...Sean Murphy White Knight issue one - page 21. Napier, now cured, researching his legal options against Batman and the GCPD in Arkham library. Was then used as wraparound cover on the need to remove the dust jacket cover to see it. I personally prefer this image over the final dust jacket image.
  12. Assuming you mean framed without spacing the glass from the art?