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  1. Agreed, not the same. If you are buying because you want the original then the oils ain't it.
  2. Same as Skizz situation....published = original. So the traditional would be a reproduction. I say "no"
  3. Agreed - in my case the art isn't published but first created if I get the artist to create a traditional piece is the first/digital piece more of a prelim? Or is it still going to have the stigma as a recreation
  4. With your example the published digital is the original - anything after is a reproduction of sorts - no? With my situation the art isn't published but the only existing example is is the digital a prelim? Is the final traditional piece looked down upon by the hobby?
  5. Art comes in many forms these days: traditional inks over pencil. original pencil w/ original ink over blue line and the other side of the spectrum - mono-prints. Recently saw a piece of unpublished art online. Reached out to the agent...artist created it digitally but he can convert it into traditional art on 11x17 Bristol board using the proper archival inks etc. Once he converts it to traditional he'll "break the mold" in that he wont do another. Thinking of the digital as a prelim and the traditional as finished piece. What are your thoughts on this? I've only purchased published traditional work so far and have a bias against any other permutation. Creating original traditional art off original digital images. What are your thoughts?
  6. Will you pay cash for your pizza? No. Will you pay cash for a high end piece - probably yes. Especially if it implies what your concluded.
  7. I'd say this Sean Murphy page from his Chrononauts run w/ Mark Millar. The story goes something like this: about five years ago I stumbled upon Sean's work. I was looking for other Scott Snyder stories, because I was loving his run on Batman w/ Capullo. The Scott search lead me to The Wake and then PRJ and then Sean's current story, at the time, Chrononauts. I'd never bought original art before and sadly it had never occurred to me that one could buy and own art (my 16 year old self walking around with a thousand dollars in my pocket at the 1988 NYCC is still kicking himself). Sean's twitter account mentioned his art dealer, that lead me to his art agent's website (at the time Jason). I was able to reach out to Jason and got to go visit him and see all of Sean's work. This was going to be my first OA purchase and I went in thinking i'd spend $300-$500. I was overwhelmed by the choices and left the meeting telling Jason I had to think about it but had narrowed down the options between a handful of interior Chrononauts pages but was probably going to go with this page (see below). In the meantime, Chrononauts wrapped up and Tokyo Ghost had started being released. I somehow went from deciding between a handful of interior Chrononauts pages to eventually getting a cover from Tokyo Ghost (big jump in price). A few years later I got to meet Sean at NYCC and we got to talk and hang out. I only had a Saturday badge for NYCC and Sean asked me to come around to his booth the next day. I explained I didn't have a Sunday badge and he explained he had something for me....I didn't think much of it but later his new agent, Geoff, reached out to me and asked for my mailing address - telling me again - Sean has something for you. Imagine my surprise when I receive in the mail, this page. The original page I was so close to buying a few years prior!!
  8. Vintage stuff: Walt Simonson Frank Miller Modern stuff: Walt Simonson Sean Murphy
  9. Used this for another thread about pandemic art or something to that effect. Hearing too many stories of families losing loved ones while they themselves are in hospital battling the virus.