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  1. I got a Journey into Mystery #633 "Venom" variant earlier this year for $250. Won't be selling it because I'm hoping to collect all (or most) of the original 2012 "Venom" variants.
  2. RichieThor

    Insanity's Feedback thread

    Was definitely the most intricate packaging job I've ever seen! Slab came in very well protected and was super quick to ship out. Very easy, pleasant, and smooth transaction. Would definitely buy from again!
  3. I'll bet that 98 is going to be quite shiny! GLWTS! =)
  4. 1 of each please. =)
  5. I don't see the "plus a few modern keys" books. ;-)
  6. RichieThor

    $3 Sale - Buy 3 Get 1 Free

  7. RichieThor

    $3 Sale - Buy 3 Get 1 Free

  8. I really like this style, I think I might "borrow" if I ever do a sales thread with a bunch of books. Definitely beats scrolling through pages and pages! GLWTS!
  9. RichieThor


    Final for the Final Price Drop! Closing thread after Memorial Day!
  10. RichieThor


    Let's do a morning Shipping now FREE on raws! Also, take 10% off the slab!!