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  1. Final for the Final Price Drop! Closing thread after Memorial Day!
  2. Let's do a morning Shipping now FREE on raws! Also, take 10% off the slab!!
  3. Venom 6 | Unknown Comics C2E2 “Virgin” Exclusive | NM+ | $25
  4. Generations Unworthy Thor and Mighty Thor 1 | Unknown Comics “Virgin” Variant | NM+ | $30
  5. Mighty Thor 10 | 2012 “Venom Variant” | NM | $80 SOLD!
  6. X-Factor 24 | CGC 9.4 | 1st Archangel | $50
  7. UPDATE: FREE SHIPPING ON RAWS AND 10% OFF SLAB! FINAL UPDATE: FREE SHIPPING PLUS 10% OFF ON RAWS FINAL UPDATE: 20% OFF SLAB! Welcome to my Inaugural Sales Thread! Going to make this one small just to get my feet wet, but first, the First unconditional in thread wins and trumps any PM negotiations. However, offers are welcome! However #2, no Probies or HOSers. Payments and Shipping I accept PayPal and shipping within CONUS is $13 for slab and $7 for 1-3 raw books. If international, PM me. Books will be protected as if inside a tank. Returns There are no returns for slab, however (#3), if there is any issue with the raw books, PM me and we'll see what we can work out. Final Note Back Cover scans are available upon request. Thank you for your interest, and feel free to ask me any questions (within reason )!!!
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    SS question

    I'm nowhere near an expert, but on the face of it, I don't think they care who signs it, as long as it's witnessed.
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    I have only been buying up till now, but hope to start selling soon. Time to get the Kudos Thread rolling.
  10. that's awesome! Well I do promise it's going to a good home. Heck, even his dog's name is Logan, so he doesn't let anything bad happen to anything related to Wolverine. =)