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  1. Hi all, here is an Batman #1 and #2 New 52 CGC 9.6 SS. I'm looking to sell these two as a set......the Batman #1 is signed by Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder, while the Batman #2 is signed by Greg Capullo, Scott Snyder, Jonathan Glapion, I'm asking for $165 shipped for both. RULES: No probies or HOSers. First in thread wins. US buyers only (no international), PayPal only please.... no returns on slabs. I will ship USPS Priority Mail. Thanks for looking!
  2. Just got this back today.....special thanks to @Kevlar for getting the signatures! Game of Thrones #1 (Virgin Cover), signed by Natalie Dormer, Jason Momoa, Sean Bean, Kristian Nairn, Rory McCann, Isaac Hempstead Wright, David Bradley, Nathalie Emmanuel, Iwan Rheon, Vladimir Furdik, and Gwendoline Christie
  3. David Finch sketch on a blank Batman #1....just got this in the mail a few days ago. Thanks @dscott for facilitating!
  4. Hi all, here is an Adventures of Superman #500 CGC 9.8 SS, signed by Jerry Ordway, Tom Grummett, Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding, Louise Simonson, Karl Kesel, Roger Stern, and Joe Rubinstein. I'm asking for $75 shipped. RULE: No probies or HOSers. First in thread wins. US buyers only (no international), PayPal only please.... no returns on slabs. I will ship USPS Priority Mail on Friday 11/30 or Saturday 12/1. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the responses everyone. I contacted CGC, sent them pics, and they're going to reholder the book for free.....I plan to ship next week. I'll post updates when I receive the new slab.
  6. I got a Batman #30 (New 52) signed by Capullo and Snyder at AwesomeCon and submitted it to CGC to get slabbed. I got it back yesterday and while it graded at a 9.8, I was disappointed by the sheer amount of Newton Rings (see pics). While I'm aware that the new cases are subject to Newton Rings and they don't damage the comic itself, I think this one case is particularly the point where it distracts from the signature and comic. What do you guys think? I can understand if it's just a few minor spots here and there, but this is a little excessive.....
  7. Thanks for the response. I haven't seen other copies of the book.......the flake was coming apart when I got the comic, and completely fell off when I took the comic out of the bag.
  8. Hi, was wondering if you could estimate the grade of this comic for me. Specifically, there is a slight color flake on the spine (see pics) near the bottom staple, and I'm interested in your opinion on how serious this is. Thanks!
  9. HI all, I'm looking for a NM/NM+ copy of Game of Thrones #1 (2011, Dynamite Entertainment)....either the regular Alex Ross cover or the Virgin variant cover (preferred). PM me if interested in selling. Thanks!
  10. I'm hoping to get some educated opinions on this......I recently came into possession of a Wolverine #1 (1982) CGC 9.6. The entire book looks pretty solid with the exception of a missing chip on the back cover, about 1/8" (see pics). What's your opinion on this flaw? Would also like your opinion on why CGC graded this at a 9.6......could it have happened during the encapsulation process? I haven't encountered missing corner chips that much, so I have a difficult time spotting which missing chips are acceptable vs. others. Most importantly, do you think this book stands a chance at staying 9.6 if it's re-graded? I was hoping to get this book signed and slabbed again at some point, but now am not so sure. This book was graded in January 2018 if that helps. Thanks!