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  1. So this is really years later since the topic got started but if you end up here like I did and you're interested and still reading...I agree with newshane "from an aesthetic standpoint, I think I actually prefer the direct editions. Who wants a barcode on the front cover of a comic?" And to expand further some direct edition have very specific art like this amazing spider-man #311 I just picked up google that cover. The issue has the numbers 311 written all Charlotte's web style. I'd rather see that when I look at my book than a bar code any day. I wouldn't know why ever little detail doesn't matter to any other particular collector but for me I pretty much only look for direct editions visually when I shop. Now if it's a bargain on a great book by all means buy that sucker. And like everyone else pretty much already said it doesn't have a huge impact on the price either way so you can't go wrong either way...although like some people said us ocd people all have particular traits mine are all geared towards the best copy artistically I want them to be as pretty as I can get them down to the smallest detail. I wouldn't buy variant covers just because they're more rare for rarities sake but if it has awesome variant cover art then hell yes. I've bought several of the same comics back in the hay day of variants but basically for me the covers just had to look awesome and I had to want to already collect the story line I never bought anything I didn't like reading. But for most collectors grade and the whiteness of the pages seems to be the foremost concern but then hell there's plenty of collectors that don't even read comics at all.
  2. I am chill dude - must be the way I write I felt the same about you guys everyone can deal with it right you me everybody. Yes, your comment was mild and no big deal so was the other guy - I feel like mine were too. I don't collect CGC or do much on chat boards at all...MFC girls that's more my style. Listen, totally friendly here just doing my own joking and nudging maybe I'm not as smooth or funny. I don't do emojis and I hope I didn't offend. I was trying my own joke about Lead minis. It was an inside joke if you've ever read Danger Girl #4 it makes more sense. Barracuda says "What kind of dork still collects D&D figures" I was alluding to that and selling them as being a long shot...yes I actually do manage to sell D&D figures though - my point it all seemed funny to me. I'm not really too chat savvy but honestly cheers Martini25 and thanks for trying to keep it light. I hope to make new friends here maybe show off my own artwork sometime. I hope people understand I'm only here looking to help out someone when I made my first post. Looking for comics isn't always easy and I've collected for years you never know was all I'm saying. Maybe with all the activity more people will show up here...maybe someone will say "Hell, I'm still looking for that too." Have a great day fellow comic book fans!
  3. Cheers Martini25 - if that made your day that makes me laugh - I'm looking to sell a book and make some profit. If you guys get a laugh out of it cool - no sweat off my back. I'm only here because of activity. I've sold stuff taking long shots guys collect vintage lead miniatures??? I've got some rare stuff - Haha. Concerning comics mostly I've just sold stuff to my local comic book store he's fair and loves SA - that guy however HATES all CGC graded stuff and has nothing to do with it so I'm just trying to make some profit wherever I can on a book I picked up cheap - I've never sent comics in for grading myself I remember when CGC and the rest of them started and didn't care for encapsulated comics otherwise I have no opinion people can love or hate them doesn't matter to me. I'm too old school I guess.
  4. I been looking for some stuff for years now. Yes I realize the post is almost 3 years old but then why are you here??? Just being smart? Anyway, I'm good with my post here. I don't feel like it was too big of a waste of my time if he's not looking or even on here anymore. Another thing it says Ariomalv is from Indonesia so maybe it's harder to get what they want over there...I was trying to help no one else replied to the post
  5. I've got a few Campbell Variants from danger girl series raw what do you still need? Yes I know this is an OLD POST Cheers
  6. got your Danger girl stuff if you're still looking. Yes I know the original post is really old...all the same if anyone is looking I got some Danger girl stuff
  7. I've got one if you're still looking 9.6 NM+ just recently graded Certification # 1247550006
  8. Currently listed on ebay: $150 BIN Danger Girl #2 Smoking Gun Variant CGC grade 9.6 NM+ verification #1247550006 Just wanted to let everyone know it's on ebay if you're looking for this issue Thanks for looking!