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  1. 25 greg horn variant is also a good bet if your specing on virus
  2. kevin, but yea im a big believer in the character and book.
  3. i wish cgc separated the census for direct vs newsstand for books past say 1995. would love to know how many others of books like this are out there in 9.8 when trying to determine value
  4. 1k+ will look like a sweet price if/when its confirmed keaton is doing a batman beyond movie
  5. WoW few days later and book is approaching 1k mark
  6. batman beyond #1 had a $775 sale a few days ago.
  7. batman beyond #1 1999 will one day be more expensive in 9.8 than Batman Adventures #12 9.8. low print run + a very hard 9.8. if only WB would get off there asses and do a movie with keaton as old man wayne
  8. she just did a cover for Stake #1 a kickstarter book. they did a rare foil of the cover, less than 100 printed. making it peaches's rarest book.
  9. does anyone know the last cgc witnessed signing he had. can cgc confirm a date for his last signing?
  10. wrong foc had passed on hell arisen 3 also. DC increase the overprint on it but hasnt said by how much