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  1. agreed it would be impossible to know the very last book but cgc could confirm the last signing date, which would narrow it down to just a handful of books
  2. stan lee died 4 days after the book was signed. thats what he meant by one of his last
  3. ive done alot of looking, and have yet to see or hear of a later date. considering he passed like 2-3 days later its not surprising. ive asked cgc but never got a answer to it.
  4. when a book is listed as returnable, what happens to those copies that are not sold and returned. im asking mostly about dark horse/ berger books but would appreciate any knowledge from other publishers as well.
  5. ahh i didnt know it had a higher cover cost for reg covers, explains why i couldnt find it around here. tyvm for info
  6. excuse the hell out of me for talking about a book i couldn't find and seems to have a low print run. if you have any more rules or regs for me please let me know.
  7. couldnt find any of these in the wild and ebay only has like 5 listed all 100+ already for nm+. this but be seriously short printed
  8. bought this a few days ago, crossing fingers for a upgrade
  9. what is estimate to get a modern book cracked, pressed, regraded using express?
  10. issue 5 will have print run of 40-50k. 3 times issue 2 and 3. but 50k still is low for a longterm hold. if she get her powers and hero name it will be a future key if character sticks
  11. sorry not him, but it is who i saw talk about this first.
  12. rumor is print run for issue 5 might hit 40-50k, where issue 3 had maybe 13k. also DC is considering opening naomi to store variants for issues 5 and 6
  13. i wont be selling anytime soon, bendis and some DC higher ups have said they have big plans and hope for her. im long holding.
  14. i have 27 copies of Naomi 1 1st print, paid cover or less for all of them. im just waiting for cgc to put 1st app on label before submitting. raws have been selling for 60-75 so a real 9.8 today would probably get 300 maybe more with hype
  15. that auction is being fake bid up. but book is going up. naomi 1 1st print has best chance to be next tt12 if not better. im guessing book will be selling for $100 raw by time issue 6 comes out