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  1. @electricprune Yeah he has a small area on the main floor with some books but im sure if you ask you could go downstairs and poke around. He wont give you nearly as much of a break on price though. Most of the books were priced/tagged accordingly back in the day by the previous owner who was a local dealer for many years. The value always comes in buying bulk imo.
  2. The owner of the shop is Ron. He's a super nice guy but dosent know Jack about comics. Two years ago when the original owner passed I was the first person to get to go through the collection. Back then it was chalk full of stuff and I figured he had around 300 long boxes. I offered 10k and he just laughed. He figured a dollar a book. I spent many weekends trying to explain the work that goes into processing a collection of that size and the hit you take on the price when selling bulk. It was obvious we would not reach an agreement on the whole lot but I managed to talk him into letting me cherry pick at 200 a longbox.? I was more then happy. He eventually caught on that i knew what I was doing and cut me off. Last weekend I got back down there and tried another offer on the lot to no avail. He said he turned down 60k which is total bs. So again I picked around 10-15 longs for 1500. I think anyone here would be hard pressed to talk some sense into him on the total value of the lot but if you have the time to dig it might be worth it.
  3. Yes. For sure there is 2-3 longs of joes and tons of bronze/copper spiderman still.
  4. Hello everyone. I mentioned in an eariler thread about revealing the whereabouts of collection that was once an obsession of mine to track down. After talking to the now owner of it. I realize I won't be able to buy the whole thing. His unrealistic expectations are too much to deal with. Fortunately Ive been allowed to go through and pull a few boxes. After 10-15 boxes these last few weeks Im pretty much tapped out and want to share the rest with any locals that can make it over. The collection is in the basement of "on the hunt" antiques in waterford Mi. Roughly 200 long boxes left. The owner wants way to much for it all but if youre lucky he'll let you snag a few boxes. A good mix of stuff. Mostly bronze age and up now as most of the silver has been picked by myself and my partner. Still a lot to be had. My poor home is filled to the brim though, so my loss is your gain.
  5. @F For Fake yeah the hunt is all thats left for me. By the time I get the books rebagged and boarded the rush has worn off. Plus im too busy to sell anything so it all piles up until one day when I can hopefully find the time. I've still got about 200 boxes to go through at his place. Me and a buddy are looking to wrap that up this weekend. If all goes well and we finish maybe I'll clue the board into where its all at.
  6. Picked up about six long boxes last night from a collection I mentioned in another thread. Didn't get to look through them yet, the anticipation is killing me, but I have a general idea. 1 box is all old gold key mystery/sci fi. 3 are all bronze/silver horror. The 2 shorts are golden/silver coverless. And the last is a mix of silver stuff. I'll post more when I get home tonight.
  7. No hard feelings but I welcome a market correction and or boomer cash out. I've always felt the younger collectors have been priced out of the market from the get go. If you were born after say 1980 you never had a chance at the truly good stuff unless your parents or older siblings collected. I wish no ill will on any fellow collectors but some price corrections or a few fresh collections coming to market would be fine by me.
  8. Kinda a long story but... My first comic shop I remember was Vic's Comics. Vic ran a booth with his wife at the local flea market near me in the late 80s up until his wifes passing in 2008ish. He sold comics she sold old creepy looking dolls. I didn't realize what he had until years later but I remembered boxes and boxes of silver/golden age books. He couldn't grade for anything but luckily he always did 50% off for me. As I grew up I took a break from comics and stopped going to Vic's. Years later around 2008 when the comic bug bit me he was no longer there. Come to find out Vic's wife fell ill and he closed up shop to take care of her. I tried for years to locate Vic and his collection. Around 2015 by chance I found out they both had passed unfortunately. It took another 2 years for the collection to surface. A friend of the family inherited his stuff and had to haul it off the property. I had the pleasure of helping... It seems Vic in his old age wasent able to do much around the house anymore and it had turned into full blown hoarder status. In the one shed out back was a massive collection of old glass bottles. In another shed was a huge collection of mre rations. The house itself was so rundown it wasent even safe to be in there. But out in the rundown garage was roughly 150 or so long boxes. I spent the next few weekends helping move and sort the books all on my own time for free with the notion that id be able to get first dibs. I barely cherrypicked 4-5 longboxes before they cut me off. They moved the collection to an undisclosed location until further notice. There was much stuff left behind its been driving me mad since. I Called a few people yesterday and made contact with the current owner of the collection to setup a meeting later this month. Now I just need to scramble to raise some more funds for an offer. TLDR: A child's interest in comics turns into a man's obsession with tracking down the very books that got him started.
  9. Pretty cool find from that lot. Not anywhere near the condition I would like.
  10. @Cocomonkey Unfortunately no. Im pretty happy to find the detective and the action in there though.
  11. I was going to post a thread in the GA section but ill put it here just to keep the clutter down. I might start a journal in the future to track stuff like this. Anyways... Random hit on one of my want ads. Guy says he has 400+ golden age books he's looking to get rid of. Somewhat skeptical I start asking questions, history on the collection and whatnot. Mid-low grade Original owner collection with initials on most of the books. Nothing that really stood out in the pics but I knew i had to jump on it. Go back and forth on price then he says hes a few hundred miles away. Im thinking i lost the deal now but i suggest shipping the books and to my surprise we hammer out a deal. The books arrived the other night. Still processing the books but some of the keepers are in the last pic. Lots of western, funnies, barks duck books. Some superhero stuff. Overall Im very happy with the deal.
  12. Hello all. Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself. My name is Tom ive been lurking for years but never got around to participating in discussions. Some of you might recognize me from the forums across the street but I haven't been active in the last year. Bought a house, new car, promotion at work and going back to school after 15years out has made for a busy schedule. Got the itch again recently and hooked up on a little golden age collection that should be in route. So I need somewhere to humblebrag? Check out the golden age forum in the future if you want to see more. I hope to get more involved in the community as I get back into my books this go around.