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  1. If I purchased a book even half as bad as the last 9 I got back from CGC, I would demand a refund. It looks like trash to display it with 50+% of the cover with rings.
  2. Just got back a new batch of 9 comics all of them are COVERED (50-80% of entire cover). So disappointing, quality control is none.
  3. I appreciate all the comments. I understand now that the community accepts this level of quality without concern. It's just what you get it. Although the buyer of a CGC comic I sold on eBay DID not accept the quality. Had to eat both shipping to and return.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I just don't know why they don't re-do them when the book is a total mess (especially the front). I'm certain it's going to hurt the sell-ability. I'm intentionally putting close ups of the defects, I don't want to deal with returns and/or having the conversation with buyers about newton rings. If I bought a high end book and it had this level of display flaws. -- I am 100% certain I would want a refund.
  5. I'm currently in the process of grading out a collection, but I've gotten about 20 books back and about a dozen of them have noticeable newton rings. A couple of them are terrible. I'm worried that a buyer might return or ask for a discount. How can I avoid them and why does CGC not QC these and/or allow free rehold?