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  1. Thanks guys, I'm not claiming to be a resto expert by any means, however after 40 years of collecting and studying comics very closely, I've seen quite a bit of shenanigans. As I mentioned, after comparing the multiple copies I have of this book, I don't see any obvious signs of trimming.. even under a magnifying glass. I was just curious if anyone had challenged a grade, and if so, what was the outcome? Here's a comparison pic of the three I have together. The center book is known to have been trimmed or was mis-cut at the press. Cheers
  2. Oh yes it is!! Clearly. Mask 1&2 have been creeping up in value over the past years. Most of those sales have been private tho, so it's been hard to keep track. The CC auction closing at over $13k is an updated display of the current market is for these pretty rare books. Always highly desired and hard to find, when they hit the market, there's a bit of a frenzy that spikes the value. 6.0 for these books particular books is high grade considering the highest universal is 7.5 in the census. I'm willing to bet that these have quite a bit of room still.. especially if an unrestored 8.0 or higher shows up.
  3. I'm curious, has anyone challenged a grade? I've recently acquired a book that was graded 9.4 Restored, the cover was apparently trimmed. However after very close examination without cracking the slab, I see no signs of trimming whatsoever. I have multiple copies of the book, some raw, some graded Universal. I've compared them all and the dimensions all match, the edges are straight, and the printers cut marks all line up. I firmly believe that this was NOT actually trimmed.
  4. This is why PGX is anathema.
  5. I also wonder about an apparent signature on the interior front cover. Ive just acquired Great Comics 1 with LB Cole’s signature. How are these older artist’s, who have long passed away, signatures treated, are there protocols for signature matching?
  6. I’m still unclear as to why clean/press is so frowned upon.. As noted above, it cannot be restoration as nothing has been added or removed, nothing has been fixed or repaired.. simply dry cleaned and pressed. It’s analagous to a vintage car’s paint that is buffed and waxed, some scratches may be filled and visually disappear, but the original paint is still intact.. (note to buyer: had it waxed) or a vintage desk that has been steam cleaned with original varnish still intact.. ( note to buyer: had it cleaned) or my favorite argument, a fine art masterpiece that has had the “patina” of centuries of dirt and grime cleaned away revealing the true and original nature of the piece..(note to buyer: it was cleaned) all without damaging the original and increasing appeal and therefore value without manipulating the original in any way. Why should comics be any different? Point of fact, the same methods for cleaning and pressing comics are the same that museums use for documents, maps, and other paper ephemera.