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  1. I was looking at purchasing direct from E. Gerber in a bulk supply order without a retailer account. It's significantly cheaper than any other option for me that I've found. If anyone has an experience purchasing directly without a retailer account from them, I'm hoping they could share. Good or bad. Thanks
  2. pm me when you have a chance and I'll let you know my experience.
  3. They were modern books but a couple that were graded Near Mint on their website wouldn't grade higher than 7.5 at CGC IMO. They had huge color breaking creases on the spine that were almost an inch in width.
  4. Mycomicshop always packs and ships their items well. However, I've received books that were in much worse condition than advertised and the damage didn't seem to come during shipping.
  5. 9.2-9.4 based on the flaws I can see in the pics.