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  1. Take ASM King Size 3 - 8.0 OWW very tight and sharp, but some big square bound wavy $100
  2. Take TOS 65 - 6.5 CROW $85 Iron Man Sub Mariner 1 - 5.0 CROW $52 * stain BC
  3. Rules: NO PL/HOS members. "I'll take it" in the thread wins and will supersede any negotiations in PMs. Payment by Paypal, check or MO. Checks and MO must clear before shipping. Payment due within 2 days of receipt of invoice. Shipping: US shipping only Graded book shipping: USPS Priority mail for slabs and can fit up to 3 CGC books for $15. Raw book shipping: $8 USPS Priority mail for 1 - 3 comics, over 3 comics $15. No returns on CGC graded comics. Returns on raw books within 14 days, I'll make it right. Any questions, comments or offers, please feel free to reach out.