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  1. The only comics that come to mind, of recent vintage that make me think they would have been find during the UG era are Sleazy Slice from Canada, and Gilbert Hernandez's Blubber. There have been a few other self-published comics that have also had that sort of transgressive vibe to them, but I also think there are comics that have a sort of Punk aesthetic to them, so I tend to catalog them accordingly. Yummy Fur always seemed like it had it's toes dipped in many waters, UG being one lake! Those are my observations, but there are few comics that I see that cause me to want to buy a copy these days. Katie Skelly is an artist who has created work I really like and I suppose there's a quality to it I might deem 'underground'....especially her book The Agency, which reminds me a lot of European Sixties comics like Barbarella or Jodelle.
  2. I get how it works. Guess smarmy sarcasm and silly emojis will only get you so far. I blame society.
  3. And Nash is supposed to be a UG enthusiast who even has his own pedigree in these matters. Filthy swine!
  4. I asked about that too at Youtube and got a link from another user,who apparently resides outside the US where there is some sort of copyright take down order. Probably some issue with music it looks like...alas....pts. 3 and 4 are there, as you mention, but 2 is in the wind......maybe if you use a VPN you can access it?
  5. Interesting. I have 3 copies of each, except #2 and none of mine have that issue. First I've heard!
  6. Some of my favorite uncollected Corbens! One of my runs is on deck for a custom bind with the rest of the Fantagor magazine sized output and others of that size! Nice looking copies!
  7. Well maybe this will help! (Stolen from the description at Comixjoint! Many thanks, CJ!!!) The comic features a two-part story entitled "Crystal City Blues," which is about a group of "society's rejects" living on Grunt Farm that lead a pirate-radio revolution against the "-rock" music controlled by corporations. The two parts of this black-and-white story are divided by a four-page center section that promotes Grunt's newest albums in full color, accompanied by exquisite art-poster renditions from Irons. I've never seen a comic story by Irons and Veitch that didn't include the product of their full effort, and "Crystal City Blues" is no different. Veitch weaves a complex tale about the radio disc jockeys who are born and raised to host 24-hour-a-day broadcasts of -rock; a job that burns them out before they're 30 years old and relegates them to a deadly scrap heap when they finally self-implode from the stress. But when one of the DJs survives the scrap heap, he crawls his way to the welcoming party at Grunt Farm, where he conspires with Jumpin' Jack Flesh to lead a music revolution. Irons illustrates the story with his typical ingenuity, combining the wisdom of his line art with his dexterous application and painting of screentone patterns. I'm not sure anyone has ever conducted a better orchestration of manufactured black dots with pen and brush than Gregory Irons. And it's not just his exceptional command of the tools and techniques, but his mastery of portraiture that sets him apart from every cartoonist beyond Robert Crumb. Grunt Comix #2 is just one more example in the expansive repository of Irons' art that illuminate his extraordinary talent.
  8. Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren & Stimpy Story (2020)
  9. Not really a fan of the slab thing, but this specimen really spoke to me! I'd given up buying UG except cheap and lesser copies for binding purposes (see above), but this sang to me while I was in search of a 'beater' copy! The price and circumstances were right, and it seemed like a good use of some of the stimulus money that Trump gave me....I will always remember Donald when I gaze lovingly on this little fella.....
  10. The EC's are a complete run of the Gemstones, East Coast Classix , Nostalgic MAD from MAD Specials and a few other random EC reprints from various places. I may be obsessive, but I ain't crazy! My EC original comics are safely tucked away. I do have a few projects now ready for the bindery including a 3 volume set of the complete run of Castle Of Frankenstein magazine, a 4th and 5th volume of my ongoing Compendium of Corben series including magazine sized material and around 95% of his Underground Comix, The Compleat Underwater by Chester Brown, and a volume I'm calling SLICES: Deviant and Sleazy which combines the complete runs of both titles in one tasty treat! A couple others are also in the works. Hope to have the 7 volumes mentioned by Halloween...(I have to take the bus to and from the bindery and the pandemic has made me squeamish...but I'm adapting and my local transit system will be expanding runs and routes starting Saturday, so I plan on getting over there soon!) Thanks for your kind comments, Other Eric!