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  1. Found my Gaines sig at a used bookstore in Berkeley, CA in a copy of the Mad Reader which was half cover price, or 38 cents. Makes a great bet winner, too when one can cite a stat straight from the horse's mouth! (sorry for blur. No phone only webcam!)
  2. Looks like it's also a book on demand, but there are a couple original copies here: https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?an=adolf&bi=0&bx=off&cm_sp=SearchF-_-Advtab1-_-Results&ds=30&recentlyadded=all&sortby=17&sts=t&tn=march of evil
  3. I got some mail from the Church Of the Subgenius back in the late 70's or early 80's that contained a small Pee-Dog thing (I think there was also a Poop Dog enclosure). I'm sure I still have it somewhere in the envelope it was sent in, but to locate it on purpose would be the proverbial needle in a haystack...whereas at some point I'll be looking for something else and there it will be! When I do find it, I'll be sure to post it here. I do recall being baffled by it as it had nothing to do with the reason I was contacting the Church....it was just some ephemera tossed into a reply! Now I'm really looking to track it down! In other news....is anyone else enjoying their copy of this magnum opus currently?
  4. Mad Annuals in nice shape with inserts attached are my Achilles Heel! I find them hard to resist at most any price! Congrats!
  5. Dolce, Are there other examples of Pussycat from Italy where they exhibited nudity like in the example above? I'm pretty sure that in the 66 installments uncovered, so to speak, there really wasn't any shown except maybe an a*ss once or twice. Where did this example come from, and now I'm curious as to who retouched the art....and if there's more? Glad I could be of assistance in helping you identify the original titles! Welcome to the forum!
  6. "High Voltage or...I Get A Charge Out Of You" (sans boobahge!)
  7. Looks to me like a parody of Vampirella and her interesting costume. I have many of the early Draculina issues but I don't think I have that one.
  8. Thank you for that. An unexpected amusement, to be sure!
  9. I can't say one way or another about the record, but I'm pretty sure Clowes had a bunch printed up as I used to buy Chick tracts and all the parodies I could lay my hands on from a dealer at APE every year, and I think I even got one from Clowes at one of his appearances i attended. The record connection is new to me. It originally appeared in the first issue of Eightball.