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  1. I wonder how the poll would look if it was started mow. I wqs 50 when this started and 61 now
  2. 3-D's are another collection genre of mine. I have most of the ones from the 50's and 60's. I also have close to 100 of the modern ones. With all of the scanning I still have to do I only have a few of my 3-D's scanned.
  3. a few more of the Four Color Books I have acquired via trading in the last year. These are from 4GEM
  4. congrats on the FC#3 FIRST SERIES. cant wait to see it. I feel fortunate to have been able to trade for mine with MYCOMICSHOP. finally making a dent in my backlog of comics organization and I have the most recent set of Glen's undercopies .processed. Hope you find some more undercopies for our next transaction. Many of these seconds are still among the nicest FC's im my collection.
  5. Not long after I started reading comics in the mid sixties my parents got me subscriptions to 3 DC series as a present. This is exactly how I remember them coming. Folded in half in a brown wrapper. I am sure I still have all the books, but the wrappers are LONG gone. Thanks for the memory