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  1. I looked at the lots, and it seemed like none of them had more than 10% books that i still need, so not worth pursuing for me. How did the lots do? These two were hanging on the wall at my office until I brought them home to be reunited with the rest of the collection
  2. Decided to review the books in the Classics display rack I have in my office. I have like 30 of the late 60's 2 for 49 packs .Most with the stiff cover so the books are all NM. These packs are not sealed so you can easily get at the books and even change which ones are together. During organizing I found that I had 11 packs that were dupes and will be offering them here in my WTTF thread. I have 11 sets in all, but only 12 unique issues. the other 10 are duplicates. The empty bag a;one sells for $16 on ebay. Each set here ncludes 2 NM comics from almost 50 years ago, So how about $25 in trade for a set. Or we can make it $250 for all 11
  3. I started getting back into classics a bit. With all of the experience I have gained from the 10 years of focusing on Four Colors I have been able to tackle the organization of that genre. I am enjoying seeing more green shade being added. I think I am going to do an alternate shading for books that I have, but are in need of an upgrade. But that analysis may need to wait a while Decided to add the books in the Classics display rack I have in my office. I have like 30 of the late 60's 2 for 49 packs .Most with the stiff cover so the books are all NM. These packs are not sealed so you can easily get at the books and even change which ones are together. During organizing I found that I had 11 packs that were dupes and will be offering them in my WTTF thread.
  4. Updating my tracking spreadsheet For all but some of the earliest issue I was able to fit the name into the middle of the page. numbering is accurate prior to the name. Just count from there for later editions. For example #68 Julius Caesar with an HRN of 166 is the 8th printing I have now included a notation where the cover changes. In the beginning most of the changes were where they had a Line Drawn Cover (LDC) which to my untrained eyes does not look substantially different than the original, but later on they were an entirely different cover I have also included a reference to where the story changed. This could be where the story dropped pages, or where entirely different artwork was used In special cases where both occurred at the same time both methods are used. For example the 4th printing of #52 House of the Seven Gables has an HRN of 142 and it has both a new cover and new art I am starting to add my green HAVE dots , but I have kept an unmarked version if someone here would like to work with it for their own collecting I found this inside an issue today when I was adding extenders to some of the better issues. The website i found while researching it did not even know this issue was published
  5. This one was a file copy from Harley. Still from the LAX show pre ComicCon
  6. here are a few more Legion's in Adventure. The first series I pursued when I got back into collecting
  7. I should be able to rustle up something for you. Does a Mylite work? 1 ml 2 ml or the full 4 ml
  8. Here is page 4 of the tracking. I went back and adjusted things to only have 50 per page with separate headings. I also used the middle section to enter the name where i could. Still have not figured out how I want to represent the variations yet. Does anybody collect the Acclaim issues? I am confused about the numbering. They seemed to be using a numbering system on the spine and internally on the Reorder page until it came to the last one I have War of the Worlds which was 188 while all the rest were between 1 and 57. Mycomicshop uses an entirely different numbering system and Overstreet makes no attempt at all
  9. Next up Amazing Adventures 1970 series average grade f/vf value should be at least $150. Anybody got a nice book worth $100? 9 10 15 17 18 19 21 22 26 27 28 30 31 35 36 37 38 39 Heck I will even throw in Issues 1 and 2 from the 3rd series in 1979
  10. Alpha flight lot 3x1 2 28 29 30 80 82 avgerage grade VF Value 60 say $40 in trade
  11. Working on a couple trades now. Feel free to email me with thinks you think I may like Here, in general terms is what I have. A tiny portion is actually listed in my WTTF thread in the want to buy heading Items Available for trade I small box of 25 World Around Us 1 Long Box of about 200 different Classics and Jr’s 1 Long box of Archie’s spread across the various titles. 80% silver age 1 short box of Four Colors most only g/vg, but several in f 1 long box of other DELL 1 long box of GOLD KEY including many high grade Tarzans 20+ long boxes of Copper Bronze Marvel 20+ long boxes of Copper Bronze DC 3 to 5 Short Boxes of ricked over Marvel Silver Age 3 to 5 Short boxes of DC Silver Long box of DC War Long box of NM Valiant many pre Unity 2 Long boxes of Other independent 3 short boxes of assorted Gold/Silver books Including books like Your United States, 1953 era 3-D’s, Ginger Knockout One short box of key books like B&B 29, Atom 1 Flash 123, Sgt Fury 1. These books are only available if the transaction includes Key books from your side I think the scans of these items are locked up on photobucket I am adding Classic/Comics-Illustrateds to my want list I recently developed a tracking spreadsheet that attempts to provide a want/have list for the entire series including offshoots. I am now focusing on First prints/editions and the page below shows my needs in yellow. and shows my haves in green.
  12. 5 days since the last post in this thread. And it had not even fallen off the second page Here are a few more from Terry
  13. This one should still qualify. Adult version of the LEGION of Super Villians
  14. The wait is over. This is page one The issue number runs down the side and the edition number runs across the top both in Italics. The HRN is at the intersection so for example the 11th edition of issue 2 had an HRN of 89, while 18 printing of issue 4 has an HRN of 167 and was from 1964. O means Original edition that does not have an HRN. I could only cram in up to the 23rd printing while still using Portrait and onlyneed 4 pages. I actually have all printings on the sheet, but chose to display this way rather than having to print an extra page. Only a handful have over 23 printings anyway On the last page I was still able to find room to maintain lists of the associated offshoots like Special Editions, Classics Juniors, World Around Us, and even Fast Fiction/Famous Authors. Not sure if I will add the Acclaim pocket issues. I decided to play with color coding and used yellow to backshade an issue that I want while Green shade is for one I do have. I am playing with restarting collecting these and focusing on first printings only at this point. so that is all i have completed. I was thinking of somehow modifying the HRN to give some indication of extra information like the change in cover, story and perhaps price. with the change from 10 to 15 or even 25. Italics, Bold, Underscore or further color of font or background gives a large variety of codes. In order to save space I shifted over the multiple HRN 167 to start at column 18 as placing them in exact order would have doubled the width of most columns. This means that the 1965 printing of issue 16 with an HRN of 167 was actually the 13th printing
  15. Interesting way of deciding which issues to collect. I had never thought of that. I might have opted for each cover, but not the inside. gives me something to think about Anyway here is one of my favorite Classics collectibles. It came as an unused stand, but I had to open it up, fill it with vintage bagged double issues and display it in my office
  16. Fabulous copy of the book that got me hooked on reading comics as a kid. My copy was very well read and is badly in need of an upgrade
  17. Here is a copy of my OLD Classics tracking. This method is fine if you are only looking for a single copy of each book. by the time I had stoped actively pursuing this method was very hard for even me to understand. The little numbers under the printed number are the editions that I had. I will post the new excel sheet after i work on it a bit more
  18. Congrats on the amazing collection of Classics. Prior to switching over to Four Colors I was a Classics collector, and accumulated 600 issues including the offshoots like Jr's WAU's and Fast Fiction Are you planning on selling these off? If so I would love to finally knock off any of the last 10 Issues in my signature line. Coincidentally over the weekend I dipped my toe in attempting to upgrade my classics collection. To that end I created an excel spreadsheet to track the various AMERICAN veraions. If you or anyone else is interested in using/improving it let me know. At worst it could summarize the entire list to 5 pages, but there are over 1600 different issues as I recall
  19. looks like 1958 includes the Four Colors between about 870 and 961
  20. Here are a few more of the Adventure/Legions that I scanned a couple of years ago
  21. A few more from Terry. I picked up quite a few Beany and Cecil's from him this time around
  22. A few more from Terry via the hopefully annual pre-COMIC-CON LAX show Sure hope that somebody who looks at this thread can find books to trade to me. Between Totally missing and up-gradable copies I can still use almost 400.
  23. Next offering is a set of 12 promotional comics as published by the various Federal Reserve Bank branches. These used to be available for free from the Fed, but now most are no longer available. The few that still exist are later reprints and much harder to get. Since i am in the financial services industry, I used to give these away to clients or throw them in with various trades I did. I now have 9 of these framed and displayed in the entry way to my office Many if not all of them have the return address stamp of my business. I consider this no more of a defect than a store stamp on a giveaway. The NM value of these books are between $4-$8 each. With the stamps I am placing a trade value of $25 for a set. I have traded these in the past to MCS and even they did not downgrade for the stamp. I think I have at least half a dozen full sets remaining and perhaps more missing only a book or two. Title Year Printing Bank Wishes & Rainbows 1981 1st Boston The Story of Inflation 2001 2nd New York The Story of Consumer Credit 2002 2nd New York The Story of Monetary Policy 2002 2nd R 1st New York The Story of Banks 2002 7th New York The Story of Foreign Trade and Exchange 2004 2nd New York The Story of Checks and Electronic Payments 2001 3rd New York The Story of the Federal Reserve System 2004 3rd New York A Penny Saved 2004 6th New York Too Much Too Little 2004 2nd New York The Story of Money 2004 7th New York Once Upon a Dime 2005 8th New York