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  1. "...don't have a huge budget."...none, be happy with ASM300 graded. Put the extra $ into getting 300 pressed & cleaned. You will treasure one graded comic more
  2. Right!...then I thought, wonder if that will bleed through? I might just get a couple new boards and swap out. thanks for the help!
  3. Yes, acid free coated on side, bought this year. Thanks
  4. Hey guys, wondering if fine red sharpie will bleed through board to comic book eventually?
  5. Why not just buy a 9.8 on comic link for $31,current bid till 1/30? at least bid, cheaper than a press,clean and grade...
  6. I learned straight out of Overstreet comic guide 2018-19, read explanation in Classiscs Illustrated listing. Tricky at first then you can pick first editions no problem when your out hunting comics!
  7. At 4pm Kateeja at CGC left email and came through like a superstar, with clear directions how to send back: mechanical error, transit damage... with shipping label! That's why I appreciate and use CGC. Thank you! Highly recommended.
  8. Not so lucky on recent was intact, but a surprise inside. Sent an email, no visable damage to comic. Does UPS run over all their packages with a forklift?! Jeez! It is...or was 9.8
  9. ...thank you whoever read this and moved my received date to today! Hmmm...Santa?!!
  10. ...well I sent a comic in on wednesday too!...June 26...still waiting...not kidding.