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  1. Here's just the covers, but can photograph backs, individual pages, etc. For those who want more photos, there's plenty! Full details and volume/individual issues broken down here:
  2. Good morning all, I recently threw my entire lot of Black Panther comics up on eBay, and was recommended by a friend who thought it would be good to share on the forum. Hoping these might get some good interest here! This is a complete 85 issue collection of Marvel's Black Panther from 1977 on up, four volumes, full runs. eBay listing is here (no reserve): Close to 100 hi-res photos are hosted on Imgur, here: Have attached a few of the photos to this post, but if you or a friend might be interested, please pass the word along. Always happy to answer questions and provide more photos upon request. Thanks! P.S. There's a lot more detail in the eBay listing. Didn't want to just copy/paste info so please read through the description. Again, full details in the original listing: