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  1. Just put in what your max bid that you are comfortable with now and let it be. You win you win you lose you lose. That way no waiting or stressing over it.
  2. I would check Heritage or a lesser known auction house (pedigree/hakes). If you catch Heritage right, there are weeks where items hammer strong and weeks they hammer weak, you might be able to grab something at a decent price there, I think some people don't understand how the buyer's premium/tax/shipping works there. I've gotten some decent deals off Hakes and seen some at Pedigree as well.
  3. Start of my ASM villians collection, going to aim for nice 6.5s with 14, 6, & 3 next:
  4. In the fantasy world where I'd be in the market for the book, there would be zero chance I'd bid on one from someone with 30 feedback and especially with no other big sales viewable in their feedback. Bad enough I got burned on an X-men 1 for 6500 a couple months ago (which didn't end up going through and eBay shutting down the auction/seller account) not to mention an ASM 14 I bought and the seller never shipped either (which eBay refunded me the money).
  5. Seems like 27 times someone didn't think it was a scam
  6. Looks like distributors ink, but from that pic can definitely say it could use a press too
  7. Also, with you just having 1 post, for your sake I would put any other references you have. Not required but could help you out.
  8. Bought an X1 for close to 5 figures through F&F, second book I got from Kumaran. Arrived without issue. Communication is good. Wouldn't hesitate to buy from again.
  9. Ya, but vintage baseball card market is on fire now too. So, like Yukon Cornelius said, silver and gold.
  10. gotpong

    i give up

    To get the point back on task, its up to the owner to store it right, if they store it somewhere where the staples get rusted due to humidity, drop a book or get SCS then of course if its to get reholder it should be downgraded. It would be negligent of CGC not to and as much as its a bummer to the owner it would be equally a bummer to the next owner but the difference is its deceptive on the owner that would know this grade would be changed. Now, I think others also point this out that this is if there is new visible damage, not just another crack of grading it and I think the price for reholdering shows they are going to go indepth in grading.
  11. I'm more weirded out by the air-quoting of "benifits"
  12. Disney acquiring Fox definitely helps WWBN 32, MS 5 & TOD 10 to an extent and I do think the cancelling of the Netflix series is going to suppress ASM 129 value at least for a while, but the other thing is Punisher's first appearance was in ASM which was one of the most read/collected series at the time vs ToD, WWBN, and MS 5. ASM 129 has about 3x the graded count in census and though he might be more popular than Moon Knight and Blade, not sure he is 3x more popular than Ghost Rider. TBH WWBN 32 and probably ToD price run doesn't make too much sense to me as thats more speculation, but MS5 with a popular B level character that just had crappy representation in movies is an interesting option.
  13. Maybe if you moved to the same address in the UK?