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  1. Closing and moving this to eBay, , thanks for looking.
  2. Up are a couple of books I got along the way, may be adding some keys to this later. Sub-mariner 1 CGC 7.0 OW/W - $315 (GPA $349 90 Day Avg) Fantastic Four 72 CGC 8.5 OW/W - $215 (GPA $242 90 Day Avg) Payment Methods: Pay Pal/Check/Bank Transfer/Venmo/CashApp Shipping: $20 Priority Mail any amount Returns: No returns on slabs No HoSers/No probies I'll take it trumps any other communication
  3. Try the WTB section, you might get more traction.
  4. Not being smart but you should be able to do registered mail, the USPS will still remain delivering packages even during the shutdown I've read.
  5. Closing this and moving elsewhere, if you are interested in the book feel free to message me and I'll let you know if it isn't sold. Thanks for looking.
  6. Price: $3000 GPA: $3181 90 day avg; $3360 last sale Shipping: Free Priority Mail in US with Signature; no international (if strong references message me) Payment Options: PP, Venmo, CashApp No returns on slabs No HoSers or probbies Any questions feel free to ask
  7. Thank you for the replies, I picked up a off wrapped 6.5 off Heritage this past week
  8. FF 48 7.5 HA 2040 GPA 2530 FF 49 6.5 HA: 540 GPA: 713 FF 49 7.5 HA: 990 GPA: 1230 ASM 14 6.5 HA 1740 GPA 2500 ASM 4 7.5 HA 2880 GPA 3560 ASM 3 5 HA 1920 GPA 2300 ASM 2 HA 1740 GPA 2182 I think its fair for me to say these are big books at good deals even with sales tax.
  9. Ya did pick up a FF49 6.5, not a great wrap which annoys me but got it 540 with BP, so under 600 shipped with GPA over 700. Plus in FL I can take sales tax off my taxes (I get to itemize)
  10. Well, looks like HA is hammering way lower across the board. ASM #14 6.5 closed at 1740 with BP included, GPA is 2500.
  11. At this time still looking, feel free to reply in the thread or PM me directly.