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  1. Sold a high grade GSX 1 to Anthony. He followed up his purchase quickly and paid right away, no issues what-so-ever. Would not hesitate on selling another book to him.
  2. Thank you sir, ya figured better to give someone a discount on here than to pay eBay and deal with them if possible.
  3. Give this one more shot before putting it on eBay. Price: $3050 Shipping: Free USPS Priority mail included with signature confirmation. US Only (though message me if outside the US to see if it can be worked out.) Payments Accepted: Zelle, Cashapp, PayPal (will only deliver to a verified address) Returns: No returns on slabs No HoS'ers or probies Any questions feel free to ask.
  4. You got it, been working there since 2010.
  5. Give this a drop before I move it elsewhere
  6. Giant Size X-Men 1 9.0 OW/W, originally bought from a boardie. GPA: $3,475 Listing this at below GPA at $3400. First I take it wins, I take it trumps any ongoing negotiations that have not been finalized with an I take it within the thread. Price: $3400 $3300 Payment Methods: Zelle, Cashapp, PayPal upon discretion with references Shipping: Free with tracking included within the United States. Message me for anything else. Returns: No returns on slabs References: Kudos, Ebay Other Stuff: No Hall of Shamers or probations Any questions feel free to ask. Bonus: If you can name the company whose logo is on my business card take an extra $20 off
  7. Thats a really nice looking 4.0!
  8. Ya, I have two friends that are trying to get a T-206 set (minus Wagner and Plank) and they've collected/sold/bought a lot of graded cards. Both are disenchanted with the whole hobby now, I know they each are getting refunds from a site that was known to alter their cards, one got over 4k back the other over 8k and they said they have more. It's a really scary thing.
  9. I don't think this is really true. I personally look at it as both. If you act like just a collector then you will tend to pull the trigger on a book at all costs or regardless (or less regard) of the price, thinking of it as an investment helps me from splurging on stuff that I think is cool at the moment but doesn't really make financial sense. On the other hand, I also like to get books that I think are cool for my own reasons but, like stocks, I need to have a reason why I think it would hold its value or go up outside of a market crash. So, so far with collecting I've racked up X-men 1, Avengers 1, multiple FF48, multiple MS5, GSX1, FF52, ASM4, ASM50 so on and so forth. I like all these books and can justify why I think each have value, which if I was collecting a run there would be multiple issues that the only justification would be to complete a run. Its like collecting baseball cards of your favorite player's rookie cards. Just because you don't want to finish a set of a particular year doesn't mean you don't enjoy the hobby and are only looking for money, means you can like those rookie cards of comic heroes and villains. For me, this is just something where I can put a little bit of my extra money into instead of dumping it all into stocks and only getting to see numbers in green or red without ever getting to see or physically own it.
  10. Yup, was on the first page when I saw the comment I replied to, got to the second page and saw it.
  11. I can see the overspray removed, and the wrap looks the same, but hawkeyes boot on the bottom right has a whitespace gap where the 9.2 doesn't have one
  12. Nice, I'll watch the news in South Florida for the craigslist comic book transaction gone wrong in Jacksonville story to see how the sale goes. Good luck!