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  1. Not sure if this was posted anywhere, but just read this about Diamond not paying publishers this week... Edit: Nvm, I found it in another thread...
  2. Season 2 is wrapped up, but we won't get the first episode until October?! Patience is not one of my virtues (thus my need to fastrack all submissions, even if not really needed)
  3. For the books that have barcodes on both direct and newsstand editions, I think a 5 digit secondary barcode means direct. Whereas a newsstand will only have 2 digits on the second barcode.
  4. I think I posted before, but this is my favorite Punisher cover - because Tim Duncan. He also owns a custom car shop in town, and the car pictured on the cover was one he actually built and raffled for charity (and was signed by Stan Lee!) I had this book signed by Mike Choi in person, and is the only time I've been able to have my books personally signed so far. But those darn Newton rings! Articles with additional pictures
  5. Funny, my daughter checked out that book this week from the library for a book report (also got the Clara Barton one). Except hers is titled "Who Is Stan Lee" and was published in 2014. Same picture on the cover. There's many of these types of books from the publisher, and it has a listing in there of around 100 or so other books about various people.
  6. has all sorts of good info (yes, it is ASM300)
  7. Very well packed raw comics, and easy to deal with. Thanks!!
  8. After a 25-year or so break from collecting, decided to get back into the hobby a couple years ago. Not sure what prompted it, but i think i saw a new LCS open up and I stopped in to check it out. After researching comics online, and this "new" grading concept, I bought my first graded comic during a 15% off sale on eBay; a Star Wars (1977) #1 9.6 WP (because Star Wars!).
  9. This is probably in the wrong forum (maybe should be in the newbie one). But most local comic shops around here always have the physical copy. Some sell it to you and one actually gives it for free if you ask.
  10. Thanks to Twin Cities Comics for getting Brie Larson added!
  11. Just saw it again with the family. LOVED it even more with the second viewing. Looks like this may be an early birthday present to myself:
  12. Saw it tonight and loved it. Will be seeing it again at the theater. Visuals were fantastic and I actually enjoyed the story and how it wrapped up the saga.