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  1. Got that same book today! (SS with the new label). Looks great!
  2. I had this happen a few hours ago. I could log in through my cell phone (wifi also), but not the computer. I can now log onto the computer
  3. Wonder why they would make a contract like that? And I do find it a bit humorous of still using the Mississippi River as a demarcation line. There's always the Marvel-themed Disney cruises out of Florida though!
  4. Tower of Terror is great, they better not get rid of that! Some rinky-dink seat belt keeping you in your seat as you plummet
  5. I had clicked through the entire EW article, and it really seemed focused on the charity event/announcement as well, but obviously there will be Endgame promotion as a (purposeful) side effect. I'm cool with that as it's a great cause. I think they are confused on the 'ride'. There is a photo-op area with a mock F-15 and some other props where you can take pictures, but it looks like it was opened in March. There were also several Reddit posts about how encouraged several felt after seeing the movie (or some previous comic/movie/tv show such as Wonder Woman) and having a representative role model they or their children could identify with, which I also thought was cool.
  6. Certainly it was a photo-op, but I think the main goal for the day was the charity they launched that you also mentioned. Curious as to what new ride is being opened? I didn't see any information about that, but may have missed it. This video was from the link above:
  7. Yes, there was a big event there yesterday. Thought it was cool to spend some time, especially with kids.
  8. Saw this on Reddit today. Taken and Disney's California Adventure.
  9. Sweet, I have one of those! (original owner, my mom sent away for it). If I still had my Chase the Chuckwagon Atari 2600 game, I could sell both and probably retire
  10. Some people prefer unpressed books. But I think the main reason to is the bolded reason above. Really only matters if you can discern what are pressable defects and what are not.
  11. Looking for a graded Doctor Strange 169 in the 7.0 - 7.5 range. Will pay a GPA range Thanks!
  12. Bump....anyone (witnesses) going to this by chance?