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  1. It's been quite a while since I've been to that venue, Sunset Station(used to be a nightclub), but I don't remember it being all that big. It is right next to the Alamodome, and it shares a courtyard area I think. This was from their facebook page: "ACCC Halloween Edition is back this Oct 31-Nov 3, 2019 @sunsetstationsa & St Paul’s Square. We’re taking the party to the streets with concerts, comics, celebrities, live art, food trucks, & more!" Michael Keaton will be there (my vote for the best Batman)
  2. Sorry if I missed, but if we sent a list to TGH, should we forward it to someone else?
  3. I'll donate a $25 Amazon card if it's not too late (may be an egift card)
  4. Those videos were very interesting. I think I still prefer the original versions, mainly for the nostalgia factor. I mentioned elsewhere that I saw the original HBO version (which I assume is the same as the original version) at least 30 times in 1983 or 1984. The planet/death star explosions are definitely better in the SE, as well as some of the other changes like fixing Obi-Wan's lightsaber as he is battling Vader, but any scene with too much CGI is a bit too jarring for me. Jabba should just be removed, as he wasn't the Vito Corleone type crime boss I picture from ROTJ. That video also showed how silly Han's head looks as it is digitally moved to the left to avoid Greedo's shot And I don't really care who shot first.
  5. Grades submitted. I found an actual picture of me roughly 23 1/2 hours from now:
  6. I didn't mind Luke's death so much, it was kind of in line with Ben Kenobi's from episode IV, and really none of the main characters really went out in a blaze of glory. Darth Vader's death ironically being possibly the most heroic. Obi-Wan - basically sacrificed self after a weak duel so that others may escape Yoda - died of tiredness Padme - died of sadness Annakin - pretty good electrocution as part of final act of redemption Han - stabbed in the back by being stabbed in the front Luke - Maybe the force projection over such a great distance ultimately killed him (I don't think FP was shown anywhere else in the movies?). Basically sacrificed himself after a decent duel so that others may escape. Heck, Porkins had a more "exciting" death than most. Darth Maul's was cool, but not final so maybe that doesn't count.