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  1. I've only purchased a couple of things from, but it turned out well. He offers new release 9.8s
  2. Awesome! A great book. Love the Depeche Mode song in this trailer as well. Wonder how it will compare to the 1978 version (hard to beat Angela Lansbury)
  3. I think I've heard this exact line on one of those commercials: "And we'll send you another one for free! Just pay a separate fee".
  4. I sure hope this ends up being made. I loved TRON: Legacy (saw it on IMAX 3-D opening day), and the visuals and soundtrack still stick with me. Tron: Uprising was another great series that ended way too soon. Just wore my ENCOM t-shirt yesterday
  5. Welcome to the boards! (well, it looks like that was a year ago ) I would probably post this in the signature subforum on this site to get some ideas there. It probably will come down to what are your goals with the book: sell, long term hold, get sigs form favorite artists, etc. Personally, I feel the cover artist is always a good choice. People have varying opinions on celebrity signed books, but I think Shameik Moore would be excellent in this case as well. Actually, I would get them both if I could!
  6. Before I got back into collecting a few years ago, I had a similar experience. I went through the Marvel website to subscribe to the Star Wars series, which was fulfilled through Midtown. The "backing board" was thinner than a normal backing board. For the most part, they typically arrived in pretty good shape, but I wasn't expecting 9.8s. One time, it was very damaged, and I wrote their customer service. They basically said something like their subscription books (or maybe just Star Wars?) shouldn't be used as collectibles, but they would send out a replacement (up to two times or something). A couple of times an issue was skipped, but after writing them, sometimes twice, they would send out a new one. At the time, I was ok with them since I really just wanted to read the story and they were at least 40% off cover price. After a couple of years, I decided to get more serious about collecting and started visiting the LCS and cancelled the subscription. Things may have changed since. I'm guessing subscription comics may be shipped differently than if buying single from their store directly (where they would ship more securely)? But I'm not sure
  7. That doesn't look good, but did you mean to post this in the "For Sale" section? Edit: I see you want it moved/removed
  8. Looks interesting and I can see using the site. For some of the sources where you list results, I ended up with the "dreaded" (to me) double-scroll bar. It doesn't seem to do that with the eBay results. Also, being able to list all results with a column as to the "source" would be nice as well.
  9. Cgc 3.0 first appearance Riddler for a raw Tec 69 (low to mid grade maybe?)
  10. Not the highest of grades, but this was one of the first comic books I bought as a young kid in the 80s. I loved Sergio Aragonés from years of reading Mad. Thanks to Rich Henn for getting this signed and remarked at SDCC a couple years ago.
  11. Those numbers seem high, so I'm guessing those are worldwide numbers. In 2018, according the NHTSA, the number of US auto fatalities was just over 36K (over 12 months - averaging around 98/day). As of today, the number of COVID19 fatalies in the US was 72K (over 2-3 months - with 877+ today). The "Fatalities per 100M miles traveled" has gone down significantly over the past several decades, possibly due to the numerous safety measures being enacted.
  12. Not sure if this was posted anywhere, but just read this about Diamond not paying publishers this week... Edit: Nvm, I found it in another thread...