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  1. Looking to get this L.B. Cole one day...
  2. I just watched the first two episodes, and enjoyed it. Something different that has me hooked and I am looking forward to the upcoming episodes. There are probably a lot more Easter eggs and references than what appear to be on the surface, and this guy seems to lay them out pretty good and tie them back to the comics/movies/etc (I really didn't know much on Wanda's history).
  3. Side note, I really liked the Accountant (may be one of few?)...I think they are making another one?
  4. I may have misheard, but I thought Max Lord said something on the jet about how she got one wish from the actual stone, but once he became the wishing well, she is now able to get one through him as well?
  5. More than just tax fraud, the Bank Secrecy Act makes it illegal to "structure" deposits in order to avoid the $10K reporting mandate. It is used to look for money laundering, terrorist funding, narcotic funding, as well as tax fraud and other items.
  6. You will probably get a lot more responses if you post this in the Comics General section, and you may also get a lot of direct messages and offers as well. But as Revat said, I wouldn't do anything until it is actually graded. Grading an AF15 is probably going to be somewhat expensive. If you were to sell it, auction houses like Heritage and Comic Link may be good options, and I've heard you can even negotiate the fees with big ticket items like an AF 15. Looks like a great book, and welcome to the boards! Edit: Sorry for the loss of your father
  7. Just finished watching it, and rather enjoyed it. I thought the performances were great. Probably not a "top-tier" comic book film for me like the first one was (is somewhere in the middle), but that's ok.
  8. Thanks for running this! Winning guess is...$947.28
  9. This is probably my all time favorite fiction book. Debating getting a trial to CBS all access to watch this, but I typically don't like ultra-violent movies, so I'm not sure based on that first review. This is the full book as a limited series, right? Not like Under the Dome which they decided to stretch into several seasons?
  10. Wow, major flashback. I had and used that Empire Strikes Back one back in 3rd grade (I think it was that one)
  11. That would be convenient for me since those are the two streaming services I'm currently paying for (well Amazon Prime video, but I look at that as more of a bonus ). HBOmax is also free at the moment, but probably wouldn't pay for it if was required. PlutoTV has a surprisingly large amount of free programing as well. Love BuzzrTV
  12. Isn't that J. Scott Campbell's first "appearance" in issue #6?
  13. RIP Dave Prowse I met him as a young kid back in 1983 or 1984. He was in town visiting kids in the local children's hospital where my mom worked as a nurse. She was allowed to bring me in to meet him as well, and I got this signed picture which I still have. The back side has a local charity information printed on it. I think this is where I learned there actually 2 people that were Darth Vader.