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  1. After a 25-year or so break from collecting, decided to get back into the hobby a couple years ago. Not sure what prompted it, but i think i saw a new LCS open up and I stopped in to check it out. After researching comics online, and this "new" grading concept, I bought my first graded comic during a 15% off sale on eBay; a Star Wars (1977) #1 9.6 WP (because Star Wars!).
  2. This is probably in the wrong forum (maybe should be in the newbie one). But most local comic shops around here always have the physical copy. Some sell it to you and one actually gives it for free if you ask.
  3. Thanks to Twin Cities Comics for getting Brie Larson added!
  4. Just saw it again with the family. LOVED it even more with the second viewing. Looks like this may be an early birthday present to myself:
  5. Saw it tonight and loved it. Will be seeing it again at the theater. Visuals were fantastic and I actually enjoyed the story and how it wrapped up the saga.
  6. Unlike comic books, where the heroes and villains stay dead! Although a one-off movie starring Luke's old hand might have promise
  7. From what I read, It doesn't appear that Disney+ was hacked. Rather, this is a result of other breaches and people used the same password on Disney+ as they did on those other compromised sites. Don't use the same password for multiple places!
  8. From this article: So how do you actually watch Disney+? The streaming service is available to view on the following devices on launch day: Desktop web browsers Android mobile devices Android TV Apple TV Chromebooks Chromecast and Chromecast-enabled devices Fire TV streaming devices Fire TV Edition smart TVs Fire Tablets iPads iPhones LG TVs Samsung TVs and devices Sony PlayStation 4 Sony Smart TVs Roku players Roku TV Xbox One
  9. Sure, it pairs well with underwater coffee, which somehow stays in an open cup...
  10. Well don't leave us hanging, are there moon creatures or not?!
  11. Not sure if posted already