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  1. DreGarciaTat2

    Treatment of unwitnessed signed comics

    This sums it up to a T! Thank you for breaking it down for me! 👌🏽
  2. DreGarciaTat2

    Treatment of unwitnessed signed comics

    I can’t seem to make a new post via my phone... but in a similar light to this question, why is it that I can’t send a book in that is already signed, to the person who has previously signed the book, and that count as a signature witness? I have a book with a Stan lee sig that is sealed with a COA and holographic seal, and I am willing to pay for ANOTHER Stan lee signature, but it seems I can’t do that. Just curious as to why. If the book is in front of him, and he has already signed it... shouldn’t that count if there is a verified witness there?
  3. Ok... fair enough! Also, when is the cutoff date to send in books for his sig and CGC grading?
  4. Can I submit a book with a specific marker to be used?
  5. DreGarciaTat2

    Todd McFarlane Signing - Books Due 5/1

    Does anyone know why Todd McFarlane doesn’t sign Spawn THX or Venom 1:1000 variants? Just wondering for my own pure curiosity.