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  1. CGC is definitely cheaper in terms of fees, but tacking on things like sub grades and error charges makes it possible for them to be more expensive in their economy tier. The higher tiers are much cheaper at CGC though - significantly so. But they're untested, so even being cheaper I'm hesitant to send anything of value to them without some sort of incentive. I have accounts at both competitors - that's why that bulk requirement is an ultra disappointment to me. CGC should have broke the mold.
  2. I was kind of hoping CGC wouldn't adopt the 50 card bulk minimum requirement that the big two card graders had. That would have made them way more competitive and I probably would have taken a chance with it. $8 a card without that requirement would have been the power move imo.
  3. Did a second round of 50 books - quarantine has me spending lots of time with the collection.
  4. Thoroughly enjoyed your video!
  5. No reason you couldn't show Omnibus, there's no rules to what makes your top 50.
  6. I 100% encourage you all to film a 50 and jump into the fun. Just a nice way to kill the time while on lockdown lol. Also, I generally prefer to buy raw, but a lot of my collection is opportunity based rather than hunting a specific book. Deals are more common in buying raw, but I've picked up a few already slabbed. My first ever Top 50 video (2016 ish?) Was much more of a personal top 50 than a value based one. They definitely show up in all sorts and styles, someone did a top 50 of books picked up this year only. It's just fun to see what people choose.
  7. Eh, it's never a competition! It's just fun to see what your favorites are. Gives a little look into you as a collector - they're some of my favorite videos to watch.
  8. The Top 50 Tag is making its way around the Youtube community again and I thought I'd share my video here. Something to do with all the extra time I'm sure a lot of us have with our collections right now.
  9. Personal grades done - I need a person redemption after last round.
  10. Didn't do too hot this round because of that Demon, way under graded it.
  11. Personal score of 58 that round, my worst so far. Tons of fun following along.