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  1. I've purchased from there multiple times from multiple sellers, never had an issue. Gotten a few books at way better deals than ebay.
  2. These statuses are pretty annoying, sitting at Grading/QC for 9 days now.
  3. MAGAZINE MODERN SFG: 5/31/19 Grading / Quality Control: 6/26/19
  4. I'd probably place it around 3.5 also - the front cover presents really nice though.
  5. That's rough to see, I'm still waiting for mine to be checked into the system.
  6. Got my modern Submission back!
  7. 8 Modern (No FT) Scheduled - 4/18 Grading/Quality Control - 5/17 Shipping - 5/21
  8. 8 Modern (No FT) Scheduled - 4/18 Grading/Quality Control - 5/17
  9. Then they're incredibly inconsistent or tats jumped 3 weeks over the weekend.
  10. ECONOMY FAST TRACK Scheduled for grading 3/25 Grading/Quality Control 4/26/19 Shipped/Imaged/Safe 4/29/19 - I had to contact CGC to get the ball rolling on this - I was told FT ECO should be somewhere in the 2-3 week TAT right now.
  11. This is discouraging for me. Eco FT Scheduled for grading on 3/25 Still no grading or QC
  12. Oof, that's not fun to see. I have the same sub, 3 books FT ECO They got the books as SFG on 3/25 - haven't even gone past that yet - real cool to see we're paying for nothing.
  13. A dreaded 9.4. A future upgrade most likely.