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  1. So I just found and purchased this copy of the Swamp Thing sourcebook/adventure for the DC Heros RPG by Mayfair Games Inc. circa 1991. However, I didn't know that it was sealed until it arrived and now I'm hesitant to open it and am considering having it graded. It has credits including Alan Moore and Len Wein and it looks to be in decent condition except for some wear around the edges. Comically, it does have a dead bug trapped at the very bottom of cover behind the plastic, but I also thought that may be viewed as a health liability by the CGC. I can find no record of one having been graded before and I thought it'd be appropriate to trying having it done. It isn't a comic or a magazine, but I can't image the CGC refusing it for that reason. If nothing else, it'd be great to have some more experienced opinions on the matter. Thank you.