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  1. Thank you very much for the kind words Jzeze. It take a life time to build up a reputation but it only takes one time to ruin it forever.
  2. i Closed that post because there were issues with the title and other things. So i closed it and reposted it again. Is that ok ?
  3. yes, just in one those comic skin slabs to protect the comic. Not from any grading authority. This book is raw
  4. Action Comics 22 : 1300.00 OBO Description: CGC graded 3.0
  5. Superman 8: 600.00 obo Description: Well this is in pretty good condition, covers are attached and the book is complete as in the main pages and centerfold. However, the back pages is 75 percent missing. So this would be defined as incomplete. Which is sad, because its a good book overall just the back cover.
  6. Batman 7: 1200.00 OBO Forgot to add this one on the title my apologize but yes this one is for sale as well Description: 2.5 grading CGC.
  7. Action Comics 94: 150.00 OBO Description: CGC Qualified Grading nuff said lol.
  8. Action Comics 90: 300.00 Description: Book is complete, covers are attached, good quality.
  9. BATMAN # 6: 1000.00 OBO (SOLD) DESCRIPTION: Good condition, book is complete, everything is attached and good page quality.
  10. Batman # 5 : 600.00 OBO - (SOLD) Description:Book is missing the center fold and additional 2 pages. However, the book is still in pretty good condition. Covers are attached.
  11. Batman # 4 : 1500.00 OBO - (SOLD) Description: Front and back cover are detached, spine is split. The book is complete - fair/good condition
  12. RULES: -Paypal or Money Order - Time Payments Available (PM to figure out terms) -Shipping Included within the US - International Shipping paid for by the buyer (PM to discuss) -30 day return -No HOS or PL and I reserve the right not to sell to anyone on my personal list - Will accept offers to buy entire collection at bulk pricing or offers in general -First person to finalize a deal; whether in the thread or in PM wins -If paying by PayPal, payment required within 3 days otherwise I have the option to void the sale and relist the book (unless other time frame is agreed to).
  13. Sorry I need to edit that because its graded by another compsny. I had to remove because it violated the rules of the forum