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  1. Weird Terror 7 - 3.5 - OW Pages Such a cool Don Heck Cover. Wouldn't be opposed to this staying in my collection. Hard to Find with 15 on the census. $900
  2. Choice Comics 3 - 3.0 - OW Pages A cool book you don't see too often, 4 on the census $425
  3. Crime Suspenstories 22 3.5 Cream to OW Pages - Classic Decapitation Cover - Used in the Senate Hearings - Truly a piece of history! Great presenting copy for the grade, could possibly bump with a press/clean. SOLD VIA PM
  4. Overview: - No PL/HOS members - I am letting go of some personal books that have been in the collection for some time now. The main focal point of the sale is the CSS22 but I have a couple other books that I will be posting later on. - The first “take it” wins via thread post or PM. If we make a deal via PM I will mark the book sold in the thread ASAP. If the “take it” comes before the PM the thread poster is the winner. - Offers are welcomed via PM only Payments/Shipping/Returns: - Pay pal only please. I will PM you specifics once we have made a deal. - I'll expect payment within 7 calendar days of invoice, or the book will be available for sale again unless personally stated otherwise. - $20 shipped in US/$28 Shipped in Canada. Overseas will be at cost. Books will be shipped USPS Priority 2-Day with signature required. Books are shipped in industrial packing foam and bubble wrap. I do not mess around when it comes to my packaging of books. - No returns on the books. All books are CGC Graded. I’m hoping the prices and pictures are fair enough. Thank you for taking a look and good luck!
  5. Spook Comics 25 L.B Cole Cover 3.0 - 3.5 Firmly Attached, Spine ticks $400 Shipped
  6. Ghost Comics 9 3.0 Spine Splits at top and bottom of cover, firmly attached $300 Shipped
  7. All American Comics 26 1.8 - 2.0 Beat, but still attached firm to staples. Spline splits and chipping on Cover Great Cover in any condition $200 Shipped