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  1. Spook Comics 25 L.B Cole Cover 3.0 - 3.5 Firmly Attached, Spine ticks $400 Shipped
  2. Ghost Comics 9 3.0 Spine Splits at top and bottom of cover, firmly attached $300 Shipped
  3. All American Comics 26 1.8 - 2.0 Beat, but still attached firm to staples. Spline splits and chipping on Cover Great Cover in any condition $200 Shipped
  4. Dark Mysteries #16 CGC 3.5 OW Pages Nice underrated Hanging Cover $350 shipped
  5. Gonna let these books saturate a little. I will post some more stuff late tonight or tomorrow morning! Thanks
  6. Sorry about that guys, still pretty new with selling things on the boards!
  7. Crime Does Not Pay #34 CGC 9.2 BONE WHITE PAGES 2nd Highest Graded! I will most likely regret selling this $895 shipped